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Product Overview

Key Points

There are three ways to get data into Recall:

  1. Using the in-app search: To open the in-app search, click on the big plus button in the bottom right corner of the home screen or click (Cmd/Ctrl + k).
    • From the in-app search you can paste in URLs of pages you want to summarize and save to Recall.
    • Additionally you can search for any topic/thing you want to add to Recall.
  2. Import your browser bookmarks: This can be done by clicking on the main app menu and selecting Import Bookmarks.
  3. Browser Extension: The most effective way to get data into Recall is by using the browser extension. This can be installed from the Chrome Web Store or the Firefox Add-ons page.

The video then goes on to give a high level overview of the different features of Recall.

Tutorial 1: Generating a Knowledge Card and Creating Links

Key Points

This tutorial covers how to generate and save a knowledge card using the Recall Browser Extension. It shows how the knowledge cards are fully editable so you can add your own notes and customizations. The tutorial then goes on to show how to create links between knowledge cards.

Links between knowledge cards are a core component of Recall. Many links are created automatically by Recall when you add content, but you can also create your own. To do this, press "/" and start typing to search for the card that you would like to link to. You can also select text that you want to become a link and click the bolt icon that appears to create a link.

Tutorial 2: Tags

Key Points

This tutorial covers how to use tags to organize your knowledge cards in Recall. When you save content to Recall, it will automatically create a tag for you which is usually based on the content type. For instance, a card about a movie will automatically be tagged with movie, a card about a book will be tagged as a book, etc. The video then goes on to show how to create new tags and how to use them to organize your knowledge cards.

Tutorial 3: Graph View

Key Points

This video demonstrates how you can visualize and explore the connections in your knowledge base using the graph view.

You can also use the tag filters to visualize a certain portions of your knowledge base and discover connections.

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