A Week in Israel; A Web of Intrigue | 60 Minutes Full Episodes

A Week in Israel; A Web of Intrigue | 60 Minutes Full Episodes

Israel and Hamas Conflict

  • Leslie Stahl reports on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, highlighting the humanitarian crisis and destruction caused by the fighting.
  • Israel is also engaged in conflicts with Hezbollah in the north and Iran in the east, with tensions escalating on both fronts.
  • Hezbollah has launched drone and rocket attacks from Lebanon, leading to the evacuation of over 60,000 people from northern Israel.
  • Brigadier General Omt Tishler, second in command of the Israeli Air Force, discusses the challenges of fighting a multi-front war and the recent Iranian attacks on Israel.
  • Despite the ongoing conflicts, Israel has formed a surprising coalition with several Arab states, including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the Emirates, and Bahrain, to counter the threat from Iran.
  • The US and Israel consider the Battle of April 13, where Iran launched a massive attack on Israel, as a win, but Iran also views it as a success.
  • President Biden issued a public warning to Iran not to attack, but Iran defied him and carried out the attacks.
  • Israel is concerned about its future with the US due to drifting apart in values and internal trends in both countries.
  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tested the special relationship with the US by publicly stating that Israel will stand alone if necessary in the incursion into Gaza, even without US weapons.
  • The UN warns that it could run out of food to distribute to Gaza soon, while hostage families in Tel Aviv continue protests that have turned violent.

Christopher Ahn and the North Korean Embassy Operation

  • Christopher Ahn, a former U.S. Marine, participated in a fake kidnapping operation at the North Korean Embassy in Madrid in 2019 to help embassy staff defect.
  • The operation was carried out by Chosun Liberty Alliance (Chala), a human rights group, and was intended to look real to ensure the safety of the defectors.
  • Ahn met with FBI agents after the operation and was informed that North Korea had discovered his identity and that his life was in danger.
  • Spain issued international arrest warrants for Ahn and other Chala activists, charging them with breaking and entering, illegal restraint, and causing injuries.
  • Ahn was arrested in the U.S. and spent 87 days in jail before being released on bail.
  • Spain wants to extradite Ahn to stand trial, but the U.S. Department of Justice has argued that federal courts must approve the extradition.
  • Experts believe that Ahn would be vulnerable to North Korean assassins if extradited to Spain.
  • Prior to the Madrid operation, Ahn had been involved in another rescue operation in 2017, where he helped Kim Han Sol, the nephew of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, escape an assassination attempt in Malaysia.
  • Ahn hid Kim Han Sol in a private room at the airport for 36 hours until a safe haven could be found for him.
  • Ahn was instructed by Chala leader Adrien Hong to buy a plane ticket for Kim Han Sol to Amsterdam.
  • Adrian Hong, a former U.S. Marine, helped North Korean defector Kim Han Sol escape from China to the United States.
  • Kim Han Sol has not been seen since he disappeared after arriving in Amsterdam.
  • Christopher Ahn, a U.S. citizen, is facing extradition to Spain for allegedly helping Kim Han Sol.
  • The FBI has warned Ahn that he may be killed if he leaves the United States.
  • The U.S. State Department, Justice Department, and FBI declined to be interviewed about Ahn's case.
  • Spanish officials also declined to speak about Ahn's case.
  • The North Korean government has called Ahn a felon who deserves severe punishment.
  • Ahn believes that North Korea is trying to kill him.

CBS News Specials

  • Pope Francis discussed the role of women in the Catholic Church in an interview with Nora O'Donnell.
  • CBS News will air a one-hour prime-time special with Pope Francis next Sunday.
  • The CBS Evening News focuses on solutions to real-world problems, such as protecting personal information, eating for longevity, and understanding healthcare options.

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