Cillian Murphy, Nicolas Cage, Kevin Hart, Greta Gerwig | 60 Minutes Full Episodes

Cillian Murphy, Nicolas Cage, Kevin Hart, Greta Gerwig | 60 Minutes Full Episodes

Cillian Murphy (00:00:11)

  • Cillian Murphy, known for his role in "Oppenheimer," has gained significant fame in 2023.
  • Despite his newfound fame, Murphy remains reserved and prefers to keep a low profile in his hometown of Ireland.
  • Murphy finds inspiration in stories and believes in the power of art to connect with people and change lives.
  • He has a deep connection to Ireland, which has shaped his identity and values.
  • Murphy's portrayal of J. Robert Oppenheimer in "Oppenheimer" required extensive preparation, including physical transformation and in-depth research into the character.
  • Emily Blunt, who plays Oppenheimer's wife in the film, praises Murphy's ability to transport and captivate audiences during scenes.
  • Murphy discovered his acting talent in his hometown of Cork, Ireland, where he performed in a band and later joined an acting class.
  • Murphy's breakout role came in the TV series "Peaky Blinders," where he played the complex and charismatic character Thomas Shelby.
  • Murphy believes that becoming a great actor takes time and experience, and that maturing as a human being is essential for developing one's craft.
  • His latest film, "Small Things Like These," explores themes of injustice and empathy, and showcases Murphy's ability to portray complex emotions.

Nicolas Cage (00:13:33)

  • Nicolas Cage, known for his diverse filmography, moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and draws inspiration from films for his unique acting style.
  • Cage's upcoming projects include a revamped portrayal of Dracula in "Renfield" and five other movies.
  • Growing up, Cage was exposed to Italian and German filmmakers through his father and worked at a movie theater as a teenager, which sparked his love for cinema.
  • Inspired by James Dean, Cage pursued acting and has since played a wide range of characters throughout his career.
  • To avoid nepotism accusations due to his uncle being director Francis Ford Coppola, Cage changed his name from Coppola to Cage, aiming to create an unpredictable and exciting persona.
  • With over 100 movies, Cage has become a genre of his own, often drawing inspiration from unexpected sources for his performances, including cartoons and German expressionist films.
  • Cage considers "Leaving Las Vegas" a turning point in his career, showcasing his dramatic acting skills.
  • Despite criticism, Cage embraced big-budget action films to challenge himself and maintain unpredictability in his career.
  • Cage faced financial difficulties due to over-investment in real estate during the market crash, resulting in debt, which he eventually paid off.
  • Cage found solace in continuous work during challenging times, even taking on less prestigious projects, as work served as his "guardian angel."
  • Critics have accused Cage of "phoning it in" at times, but he emphasizes his dedication and care for every role, even if they may not always be critically acclaimed.
  • Cage's fans appreciate his unique and larger-than-life acting style, known as "cage rage," which sets him apart from other actors.
  • Cage described his acting approach as aiming for the "triple axle" and considers his performance as a heartbroken chef in "Pig" to be his best movie, as he felt a deep connection to the role.
  • Cage met with the interviewer at a favorite hangout on the Strip to discuss his latest movie, "Renfield," in which he plays Dracula.
  • Cage acknowledged the challenge of portraying Dracula due to its legacy and previous interpretations, but he found inspiration in Christopher Lee's portrayal, which made Dracula scary.
  • Cage described his acting style as "All in" and doesn't do anything halfway.

Kevin Hart (00:26:46)

  • Kevin Hart is a successful stand-up comedian, actor, and businessman who was recently honored with the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.
  • Known for his conversational and self-deprecating comedy style, Hart often shares personal stories and exaggerates details, such as his height.
  • As the highest-grossing comedian today, Hart sells out arenas and stadiums worldwide and meticulously crafts new material for his tours, testing jokes at small comedy clubs.
  • Hart's close friends and collaborators, the Plastic Cup Boys, assist in refining his jokes to ensure they are at their funniest.
  • Raised in a challenging environment in North Philadelphia, Hart's mother strictly structured his upbringing, while his father struggled with addiction and disrupted events with his behavior.
  • Despite setbacks, including the cancellation of his sitcom "The Big House," Hart persevered and took control of his success by establishing his own production company, Heartbeat.
  • Beyond comedy, Hart has ventured into various business endeavors, including a nutrition supplement company, a fast-food chain, a tequila brand, and a $100 million Venture Capital fund.
  • Heartbeat, Hart's production company, has become highly successful, valued at over $650 million, and generates revenue from movies, shows, podcasts, and commercials.
  • Hart emphasizes the importance of understanding the business side of the entertainment industry to create opportunities for himself and others, aspiring to be more than just a comedian.

Greta Gerwig (00:40:01)

  • Greta Gerwig directed the blockbuster hit "Barbie," which grossed over a billion dollars worldwide, making it Warner Bros.' highest-grossing film of all time.
  • Despite its unconventional nature and high production budget, Gerwig's unique approach to filmmaking made the production enjoyable for the cast and crew.
  • Gerwig collaborated with actress Margot Robbie and her partner, Noah Baumbach, to create a feminist utopia in "Barbie" land, addressing Barbie's impact on women and society.
  • The film explores Barbie's existential crisis and her journey in the real world, where she encounters societal norms and challenges.
  • Gerwig defended the film against accusations of being anti-man, emphasizing its intention to be lighthearted and inclusive while poking fun at various aspects of society.
  • Gerwig and Baumbach wrote the screenplay during the pandemic and were surprised by Mattel's hands-off approach.
  • Gerwig's journey to becoming a director included attending Barnard College, performing in school productions, and working with low-budget filmmakers before gaining wider recognition.
  • Gerwig's breakout success came with "Lady Bird," which earned her two Oscar nominations, followed by a third nomination for her adaptation of "Little Women."
  • For "Barbie," Gerwig drew inspiration from old musicals and created a Technicolor Sound Stage to achieve a 2D effect.
  • The role of Ken was written specifically for Ryan Gosling, and Gerwig convinced him to take on the part by showing him the future of the film.
  • Gerwig is known for coaxing people out of their comfort zones and is a perfectionist who often does multiple takes to achieve the desired result.
  • Gerwig's films feature soul-bearing monologues that serve as a commentary on women's experiences and the rigged system.
  • Gerwig is set to direct and write two Chronicles of Narnia movies, becoming the first woman to solo direct a billion-dollar movie.

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