Secretary of Commerce; On British Soil; Kevin Hart | 60 Minutes Full Episodes

Secretary of Commerce; On British Soil; Kevin Hart | 60 Minutes Full Episodes

Gina Raimondo: US Secretary of Commerce

  • Gina Raimondo, the US Secretary of Commerce, is leading efforts to counter China's technological advancements and confront Russia's aggression in Ukraine.
  • She is enforcing export controls on Russia and China to prevent them from accessing advanced American technologies.
  • Raimondo is working to reduce America's reliance on Taiwan for semiconductor chips by investing in domestic chip production.
  • She is also promoting the Internet for All program to provide high-speed internet access to rural Americans.
  • Raimondo's initiatives are expected to create about half a million jobs by 2030.

Nazi Concentration Camps in the Channel Islands

  • During World War II, two Nazi concentration camps were established on British soil in the Channel Islands.
  • Marcus Roberts, an amateur historian, estimates that the death toll on the island of Alderney was much higher than officially reported, with over 10,000 deaths.
  • The British government has appointed researchers to conduct a thorough review of archival records to accurately count the number of prisoners who died on Alderney.
  • Survivors' testimonies provide firsthand accounts of the harsh conditions and brutal treatment endured by prisoners.
  • The British government's effort to uncover the truth is seen as a way to counter Holocaust denial and preserve the memory of those who perished.

Kevin Hart: Comedian and Businessman

  • Kevin Hart is a successful stand-up comedian, actor, and businessman who has been awarded the Mark Twain Prize for American humor.
  • Hart's comedy is conversational and often self-deprecating, and he is known for telling revealing stories about his wife, kids, and insecurities.
  • He works with a team of writers and tests out new jokes at small comedy clubs before performing them in larger venues.
  • Hart grew up in a rough neighborhood in North Philadelphia and was raised by his single mother.
  • He struggled to find places to perform when he started doing standup at 18, but he eventually started his own production company, Hartbeat, and made his own hour-long standup specials.
  • Hart also marketed himself relentlessly through social media, which caught the attention of Hollywood studios.
  • Today, Hart has a hand in various businesses, including a nutrition supplement company, a fast-food chain, a tequila brand, and a $100 million Venture Capital fund.
  • His production company, Hartbeat, is now worth more than $650 million.

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