"The Capital of Free Russia;" "Healing Justice" | 60 Minutes Full Episodes

"The Capital of Free Russia;" "Healing Justice" | 60 Minutes Full Episodes

Russian Exiles and Dissidents in Lithuania

  • Lithuania, a NATO ally and democracy, has become a refuge for Russian exiles and dissidents since Putin's 2022 invasion of Ukraine.
  • Lithuania has welcomed over 2,500 Russian exiles and is committed to providing shelter to all freedom fighters.
  • Anastasia Shevchenko, a crusading mother and activist, fled Putin's regime in 2022 after being arrested and placed under house arrest for her activism.
  • Sergey Davidis, a human rights activist and former leader of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Memorial human rights group, left Russia for Lithuania in 2022 due to the increasing crackdown on dissent and the imprisonment of political activists.
  • Tatiana Felgenhauer and Alexander Pyev, former talk radio hosts in Moscow, were forced to close their station after criticizing Putin's war in Ukraine and are now streaming daily into Russia on YouTube from Vilnius.
  • Despite concerns about Russian attempts to attack dissidents in foreign countries, Lithuania is committed to ensuring the safety of Russian exiles and dissidents.

Putin's Reelection and Weaknesses

  • Putin's reelection this week will bring him to his fifth term, with support from nationalists who believe in Russia's exceptionalism.
  • However, he faces weaknesses due to significant troop losses and a relatively small population and economy compared to other major countries.

Wrongful Convictions and Healing Justice

  • Jennifer Thompson, a rape victim, was devastated to learn that the man she identified and testified against was innocent and the actual rapist was still at large.
  • Thompson has been working to bring together crime victims and innocent men who were wrongfully convicted to promote healing and understanding.
  • Healing Justice is a nonprofit organization that brings together exonorees and crime victims to promote healing and understanding.
  • The organization hosts retreats where exonorees and crime victims can share their stories, play games, and participate in art projects.
  • The goal of the retreats is to help exonorees and crime victims rebuild trust, heal from trauma, and move forward with their lives.

Sexual Abuse and Retaliation at FCI Dublin

  • The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is facing scrutiny for sexual abuse and retaliation against inmates, particularly at FCI Dublin, which has been dubbed the "rape club."
  • FBI agents raided FCI Dublin, and the BOP has removed the latest Warden and three top administrators in response to the allegations.
  • The BOP has not publicly apologized for the abuse at Dublin, but Director Colette Peters expressed heartbreak and horror over the situation.

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