6 Ways to Unlock Your Full Potential

6 Ways to Unlock Your Full Potential


  • The video introduces insights from the book "The Greatness Mindset" by Lewis House, emphasizing the potential life-changing impact of applying the six key takeaways.

What is this Book About?

  • The book focuses on how to achieve success, but without imposing a specific definition of success, instead encouraging individuals to define it for themselves.
  • Offers a framework for approaching success and greatness based on each person's unique definition.

Figure Out Your GPA

  • This section discusses the "Greatness Performance Assessment" (GPA) which breaks life into three categories: business and career, relationships, and wellness.
  • Explains the scoring system and categorization, using statements and ratings to assess different aspects of life.
  • The speaker shares personal GPA results in each category and details the impact of the exercise on their own life and future goals.

Sponsorship and Conclusion

  • The video concludes with a sponsorship message for the educational platform Brilliant, highlighting its courses in subjects like math, data science, and computer science.
  • Provides viewers with a free trial offer and discount, and encourages them to take action based on the video content, particularly the GPA assessment.

Figure Out Your Meaningful Mission

  • Lack of a meaningful mission can hinder success
  • Having clear goals and a purpose can lead to success
  • It's important to focus on the 'why' rather than the 'how'
  • Having a clear mission helps in living a more intentional life
  • Questions to consider: What lights you up? What are your strengths? What problem can you help solve?

Write Your Own Obituary

  • Crafting your own obituary can help determine your meaningful mission
  • Questions to ask: How long do you want to live? What legacy do you want to leave? What will your loved ones say at your funeral?

The Perfect Day Inventory

  • Crafting your perfect day can help in achieving your meaningful mission
  • Questions to consider: How do you want to feel every day? What are you creating daily? Who are you with? What passions are you fulfilling?

The Fear of Judgment (00:19:39)

  • Fear of judgment can be overcome by focusing on serving others.
  • Asking positive questions improves the quality of life.
  • Consistently showing up and focusing on the process reduces fear.

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