How I Type Really Fast - Triple Your Typing Speed

How I Type Really Fast - Triple Your Typing Speed

Introduction (00:00:00)

  • Ali introduces the video's topic: how to type faster.
  • Ali mentions his background as a doctor turned entrepreneur and author.
  • Ali shares his record typing speed of 158 words per minute.
  • Ali explains that the course was previously available on Skillshare but is now free on YouTube.
  • The course covers fundamentals like finding the perfect keyboard, finger placement, and proper sitting posture.
  • The main focus of the course is on specific tips to improve typing speed.
  • The video was recorded a few years ago, but the tips are still relevant.
  • Ali announces the launch of his own keyboard brand called Light Mode.
  • The first product, a mechanical keyboard, is now available.
  • Ali explains his preference for white and clean aesthetics, which inspired the name "Light Mode."
  • A link to Light Mode's website is provided for those interested.
  • Ali emphasizes that a fancy keyboard is not necessary to improve typing speed but enhances the overall experience.
  • The course covers various aspects of typing faster.
  • Topics include finding the perfect keyboard, proper finger placement, and maintaining good posture.
  • Specific tips and techniques are provided to improve typing speed.
  • The course aims to help learners genuinely increase their typing speed.

1. Why is Typing Speed Important? (00:01:48)

  • Typing fast can impress others, increase efficiency, and enhance creativity by quickly translating thoughts into written form.
  • Professional typists typically type at a speed of 65 to 75 words per minute.
  • While typing fast alone may not significantly boost productivity, it contributes to overall efficiency.
  • Enjoying the process and having fun while typing can increase productivity.
  • Typing fast saves time, allowing for more learning opportunities.
  • Continuous learning is essential for personal and professional growth.
  • offers new programming courses to learn Python, the world's most popular programming language.
  • provides a free 30-day trial and a 20% discount on the annual premium subscription.

2. The Typing Test (00:06:12)

  • The class project is to practice typing to improve typing speed.
  • A custom typing test has been created on the website 10 fast fingers and the URL will be provided in the video description.
  • The typing test is more challenging as it does not use the top 200 words in the English language.
  • The typing speed for this test was 123 words per minute, while the usual speed for the top 200 words is 150 words per minute.
  • The goal is to increase typing speed over time.

3. How to Instantly Boost Your Typing Speed (00:07:34)

  • Use keyboard shortcuts to correct mistakes efficiently:
    • Option + Backspace (Mac) or Control + Backspace (Windows) to delete the last word.
    • Command + Backspace (Mac) or Shift + Backspace (Windows) to delete the entire line.
    • Option + Arrow keys (Mac) or Shift + Arrow keys (Windows) to highlight text.
    • Option + Shift + Left/Right arrow keys (Mac) or Shift + Option + Left/Right arrow keys (Windows) to highlight words.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to improve typing speed:
    • Alt + Left/Right to go to the start or end of a line.
    • Shift to highlight text.
    • Backspace to delete text.
  • Proper finger placement is important for efficient typing.

4. The Secret of Finger Placement (00:12:49)

  • The F and J keys have raised bumps to help users locate them without looking.
  • The default typist position is index fingers on F and J, middle fingers on K and D, ring fingers on L and S, and pinkies on A and semicolon.
  • Use as many fingers as possible to minimize finger movement.
  • The rollover technique involves pressing the next key before the previous one has fully released, increasing typing speed.
  • Accuracy is more important than speed when learning to type, as speed will naturally follow accuracy.
  • The next lesson will cover additional typing techniques.

How to Build Your Muscle Memory (00:17:10)

  • Practice regularly on typing test websites like to build muscle memory.
  • focuses on the top 200 words in the English language, providing a natural way to test typing speed.
  • Typing tests help identify areas for improvement, such as key press intensity, shift key usage, and text deletion techniques.
  • Angus, a team member, increased his typing speed from 60 words per minute to 90 words per minute in a month.
  • He achieved this improvement by practicing for just 10 minutes a day on
  • This demonstrates the effectiveness of consistent practice in improving typing speed.

How to Fix Your Typing Weaknesses (00:19:08)

  • Improving typing speed involves focusing on correcting mistakes and improving weaknesses rather than solely focusing on strengths.
  • is a useful website that identifies and drills specific aspects of typing, allowing users to practice and improve their weakest areas.
  • provides a personalized practice regimen for each of the 26 letters of the alphabet, helping users to identify and work on their weakest letters.
  • The website offers various features such as tracking progress, sharing results, comparing with others, and a multiplayer mode for competitive practice.
  • By using and focusing on improving weaknesses, users can effectively enhance their overall typing speed and accuracy.

7. The Shortcuts to Faster Typing (00:23:01)

  • Use keyboard shortcuts to improve typing speed and overall productivity by minimizing mouse usage and memorizing frequently used shortcuts.
  • Keyboard shortcuts can significantly increase efficiency and make you appear more proficient.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts for common actions like creating bullet points, deleting words, and closing windows.
  • Utilize tools like Alfred, Spotlight, or the Windows logo key to quickly search for and open files, reducing the need for multiple clicks.
  • Adopting a "keyboard-first" mentality can revolutionize productivity and save valuable time.

8. How to Supercharge Your Typing with Apps (00:33:31)

  • Use snippets to insert frequently used text, links, email addresses, or custom phrases quickly.
  • Create your own snippets using built-in tools like Keyboard Shortcuts or third-party apps like Alfred.
  • Snippets can save time and increase efficiency when typing on Mac, iOS, or Windows devices.
  • Text Sniper is an app that can convert text in a screenshot into actual text that can be copied and pasted.
  • Use apps that help reduce the amount of actual typing you have to do to improve your typing speed.

9. How to Choose the Perfect Keyboard (00:38:22)

  • Choose a keyboard that feels comfortable and provides good sound feedback when typing.
  • Mechanical keyboards are louder and have a tactile feel, while membrane keyboards are quieter and have a traditional design.
  • Apple keyboards have a unique butterfly mechanism that feels different from other keyboards.
  • Ergonomic keyboards may help prevent repetitive strain injuries.
  • The QWERTY keyboard layout is the most popular, while DVORAK and Colemak layouts are alternatives that some claim can increase typing speed.
  • The Apple Magic Keyboard is recommended, even for Windows users.
  • Other good keyboard options include the IQ Unix F96 and the Keychron K2.

10. How to Sit Properly for Comfort and Speed (00:43:41)

  • Proper posture is essential for typing speed, overall health, and longevity.
  • Sit with back support, feet on the ground, arms at a 90-degree angle, and shoulders and chest out.
  • Position the monitor slightly lower than eye level and angled at 15 degrees.
  • Adjust the chair and monitor to achieve a comfortable and neutral neck position.
  • Change positions every 30 minutes to 1 hour, and consider using a sit-stand desk for better posture and movement.

11. Final Thoughts (00:49:06)

  • The instructor thanks the viewers for joining the class and expresses hope that the class provided useful tips on improving typing speed.
  • The instructor mentions that this topic is popular among viewers, making it one of the most popular videos on their channel.
  • The instructor provides links to two YouTube videos with additional tips on typing fast and three Skillshare classes on productivity, covering topics such as productivity for creators, general productivity principles, and the productivity equation.
  • The instructor encourages viewers to practice typing regularly, viewing it as a fun activity and a friendly competition.
  • The instructor appreciates the viewers' time and encourages them to leave a review if they found the class helpful.

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