Rick Rubin: Protocols to Access Creative Energy and Process

Rick Rubin: Protocols to Access Creative Energy and Process

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  • In this video, Andrew Huberman interviews Rick Rubin, a renowned music producer, about the creative process.
  • They discuss various topics related to the creative process, including the importance of self-expression, overcoming creative blocks, and the role of uncertainty and sensitivity in creativity.
  • Rick emphasizes the need to focus on the process rather than the outcome and to be honest and true to oneself in creative endeavors.
  • He also shares personal experiences and insights from working with artists like Johnny Cash.
  • Rick and Andrew also touch on other subjects such as the benefits of meditation, the impact of technology on the creative industry, and the significance of dreams in understanding oneself.
  • Overall, the video provides valuable insights into how to approach the creative process and navigate the challenges and joys of creating art.

Introspection and self-reflection

  • The speaker asks about the importance of introspecting and understanding oneself in pursuing creative endeavors.
  • Rick Rubin believes that introspection is valuable and can help individuals avoid pitfalls, but the amount of time spent on it varies for each person.

Starting in the entertainment industry

  • Rick Rubin shares that Beastie Boys member Ad Rock encouraged him to give LL Cool J a chance by listening to his demo tape, highlighting the importance of opportunities and recommendations in the industry.

Advice for comedians

  • Rick Rubin advises starting comedians to be true to themselves and not to listen to anyone else.
  • He emphasizes the importance of staying authentic and following one's own instincts.

Book writing

  • Rick Rubin shares advice he received about completing a draft and not getting too caught up in details during the writing process.
  • The challenges of writing a book are also discussed.


  • Rick Rubin describes his diary entries, where he expresses his frustrations, experiences, and feelings.
  • He finds journaling to be a way of getting things out and helping him lean into each day.

Psychedelics and expressive writing

  • The potential benefits of psychedelics and expressive writing in terms of personal growth and therapeutic effects are discussed.
  • Specific substances like MDMA, psilocybin, and expressive writing techniques researched by James Pennebaker are mentioned.

Trustworthiness of news

  • Rick Rubin expresses skepticism about the truthfulness of news sources.
  • He highlights the challenge of differentiating between reliable and unreliable information in the current media landscape.

Organization and chaos in creative processes

  • The relationship between creativity and organization is discussed.
  • Rick Rubin explains that the creative process can start in a chaotic, free place but eventually becomes more controlled and organized.

Relationships and work-life balance

  • Rick Rubin shares his belief that work should be the most stressful part of life in an ideal relationship.
  • He believes in creating a safe place from which one can go out and be a creative warrior.

The creative process

  • Rick Rubin reflects on the importance of openness, curiosity, and a childlike mindset in the creative process.
  • He also discusses the different approaches in documentary filmmaking and the unique intimacy of his podcast conversations.

Music videos

  • Rick Rubin shares his perspective on music videos, mentioning that they can enhance or limit the interpretation of a song.
  • He highlights the importance of the first moments of a song or performance in evoking emotions and capturing attention.


  • Rick Rubin discusses his approach to podcasting, emphasizing the importance of genuine conversations and personal connection.
  • He aims to create an intimate and natural experience for the listener.

Current projects

  • Rick Rubin mentions that he is working on various documentary projects and new album releases with artists such as Marcus King and The Gossip.
  • He appreciates the spontaneous and unique nature of each project.

Overall, this video provides insights into Rick Rubin's thoughts on creativity, relationships, music production, and various aspects of life.

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