Building a Tech Future in Russia’s and China’s Shadow | Hello World with Ashlee Vance

Building a Tech Future in Russia’s and China’s Shadow | Hello World with Ashlee Vance

Kyrgyzstan's Unique Appeal

  • Kyrgyzstan, also known as the Kyrgyz Republic, is a small country that was once part of the Soviet Union.
  • The country has a lot of Soviet influence, with many Soviet government buildings and sculptures.
  • In Bishkek, the capital city, the winter season is bleak and smoggy, but also has its own unique charm.
  • The city's circus is held inside a decaying UFO.
  • Despite its limited resources, Kyrgyzstan is striving to develop a tech industry.

D Billions - YouTube Success in Kyrgyzstan

  • D Billions is a popular YouTube channel from Kyrgyzstan that focuses on creating content for kids.
  • Their videos have billions of views and they have gained a massive following.
  • D Billions has achieved great success in terms of subscribers and revenue, making them one of the top-earning companies in Kyrgyzstan.
  • The Kyrgyz government supports the growth of the tech industry by providing tax breaks to companies like D Billions.

Challenges and Success in the Kyrgyz Tech Industry

  • Many YouTube creators in Kyrgyzstan have faced challenges with monetization and understanding the platform's rules.
  • However, the tech industry in Kyrgyzstan is growing, and there is a strong push to develop a thriving tech sector.
  • Coding schools and boot camps have been established to train the next generation of software engineers.
  • The government and industry are investing in the development of the tech industry, providing support and resources to startups.

Women in the Kyrgyz Tech Scene

  • Women play a significant role in the Kyrgyz tech scene, with many female leaders and engineers.
  • Despite societal challenges and gender inequality, women in Kyrgyzstan are breaking barriers and pursuing careers in technology.
  • The Kyrgyz Space Program, led by women, aims to send the country's first satellite into space and promote more girls in STEM fields.
  • The goal is to create a more inclusive and diverse tech industry in Kyrgyzstan.

A Vision for the Future

  • Kyrgyzstan hopes to build a strong and flourishing tech industry that can drive economic growth and create opportunities for its people.
  • The country's focus on technology and innovation is seen as a path to a brighter future.
  • Through education, entrepreneurship, and embracing new technologies, Kyrgyzstan aims to transform its economy and overcome its challenges.

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