How New York Made Michael Strahan Who He Is Today

How New York Made Michael Strahan Who He Is Today

Michael Strahan's Career and Success

  • Michael Strahan and Alex Rodriguez discuss their parallel lives and careers, both achieving great success in their respective fields.
  • Strahan highlights the importance of New York City in shaping his career and providing opportunities beyond football.
  • Winning the Super Bowl in his 15th season significantly changed the perception of his career and brought him greater appreciation and recognition.
  • Strahan emphasizes the value of teamwork and credits his success to the collective effort of the team rather than individual achievements.
  • Strahan's partnership with Constance Schwartz-Morini and the creation of SMAC have played a crucial role in shaping his business outlook and success.
  • Strahan reflects on the impact of winning a championship in New York, particularly as a New York Giant, and how it elevates one's status and opens doors in the business world.
  • Michael Strahan retired from the NFL after 15 seasons, even though he felt physically capable of playing more.
  • He made the decision based on his gut feeling and the realization that his heart was no longer in the game.
  • Strahan had achieved everything he could in football and didn't want to risk tarnishing his legacy by continuing to play without passion.

Strahan's Mindset and Approach to Success

  • Strahan had a successful football career but realized that being an athlete only gets you into a room, and to stay there, you need to prove your worth and talent.
  • He had to overcome his own self-doubt and stop seeing himself solely as a football player to succeed in various fields beyond sports.
  • Strahan's mindset shifted after a friend pointed out that people perceive him based on how he sees himself.
  • He emphasizes the importance of constant learning and studying others in his field to improve his skills.
  • Strahan credits his success to the right sequence of opportunities, believing that everything happened in the right order for him.
  • Strahan's approach to studying involves reading newspapers, watching programs, and staying informed through emails and notes.
  • Living in New York helped him develop confidence and trust in himself, despite initial shyness.
  • Strahan acknowledges the challenges of being in New York, especially when facing criticism, but he learned to ignore those who cannot do his job.

Strahan's Business Ventures

  • Michael Strahan discusses his various business ventures, including his clothing line and skincare brand.
  • He emphasizes the importance of authenticity and ensuring that his products align with his personal style and values.
  • Strahan highlights the collaborative nature of his partnerships and the passion he brings to his work.
  • He describes the origin of his apparel business, which began with a desire to create authentic suits and expanded into a successful partnership with JC Penney and Men's Warehouse.
  • Strahan stresses the significance of skincare and introduces his easy-to-use skincare system designed for men.
  • He expresses his enjoyment of deal-making due to its competitive nature and the opportunity for teamwork and personal growth.

Strahan's Transition to Sports Analyst and Lessons Learned

  • Michael Strahan discusses his transition from professional athlete to sports analyst and his approach to providing insightful commentary.
  • He emphasizes the importance of staying close to the game and understanding the emotions and feelings of players and teams.
  • Strahan highlights the significance of being authentic and trusting one's instincts when analyzing sports.
  • He mentions experiencing imposter syndrome, especially when working alongside experienced news anchors like Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos.
  • Strahan shares valuable lessons learned from Robin Roberts, who reassured him that he belonged in the news industry, and from George Stephanopoulos, who taught him the importance of consistency and challenging conventional wisdom.

George Stephanopoulos' Investment Approach and SMAC

  • George discusses his approach to identifying and pursuing opportunities, emphasizing straightforwardness and honesty.
  • He reflects on his evolving perspective on the future, considering options beyond continuous work and exploring new avenues.
  • George describes his involvement in sports-related investments, including a sports fund with Mark Lasry, and his passion for investing in general.
  • He shares an anecdote about missing out on an investment opportunity in Tinder due to initial skepticism about the young entrepreneur behind it.
  • George highlights the importance of due diligence and discipline in investing, as well as considering personal associations and values when making investment decisions.
  • He credits Constance Schwartz-Morini, his business partner at SMAC, for the company's success and their shared work ethic and values.
  • George explains the origin of SMAC, which began with Constance's entrepreneurial venture and eventually led to his involvement and their partnership.

Michael Strahan's Journey to Success and Advice

  • Michael Strahan discusses his journey to success and the growth of his company, SMAC (Sports, Music, and Culture).
  • He attributes his success to hard work, building relationships, and treating people with respect.
  • Strahan emphasizes the

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