Nourish: Rethinking Our Approach to Food | An Optimist’s Guide to the Planet

Nourish: Rethinking Our Approach to Food | An Optimist’s Guide to the Planet

Urban Farming in Cleveland, Ohio

  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau visits Cleveland, Ohio, to explore urban farming as a solution to food deserts and community revitalization.
  • Rid-All, an 18-acre urban farm founded by Nikolaj's childhood friends Randy and Keymah, and the late Damien Forshe, employs regenerative methods and has increased its produce yield.
  • The farm addresses food insecurity in Cleveland, operates a farmer's market, and has a restaurant serving meals prepared with fresh produce.
  • Urban farming creates jobs, fosters community engagement, and offers hope to underserved neighborhoods.

Sustainable Farming in Mexico

  • Faby and Diana, a Mexican family, practice sustainable farming methods to produce mezcal while conserving biodiversity.
  • They use traditional techniques and leave 20% of the agave plants unharvested to support bats, natural pollinators of agave.

Innovative Farming Research at Wageningen University

  • Wageningen University in the Netherlands researches innovative farming methods to address climate change, pesticide use, and biodiversity loss.
  • They employ crop diversity, autonomous tractors, hydrogen-powered farm machinery, and explore circular agriculture to reduce the depletion of natural resources.

Charlot Magayi's Efficient Stoves in Kenya

  • Charlot Magayi, a Kenyan entrepreneur, designed a more efficient and safer stove made from recycled metal and sustainable fuels.
  • Her business, Mukuru, has produced and distributed over 200,000 stoves, primarily in rural Kenya, at an affordable price.
  • Charlot believes businesses should prioritize making a positive impact over maximizing profits.

Charlotte's Fuel-Efficient Stoves in Kenya

  • Nikolaj meets Charlotte, a woman in Kenya who sells fuel-efficient stoves made from agricultural waste.
  • Charlotte's stoves are affordable, cook twice as much food as traditional charcoal stoves, and can incorporate mosquito repellents to fight malaria.
  • Nikolaj emphasizes the importance of empathy and social responsibility in business and encourages others to follow Charlotte's example.

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