Why Netflix Is Betting Big on Latin America | The Circuit

Why Netflix Is Betting Big on Latin America | The Circuit

Netflix's Investment in Latin American Content

  • Netflix is heavily investing in Latin American content, viewing it as a key growth market with a large population and high demand for entertainment.
  • The company collaborates with local executives to create content that resonates with local tastes and cultures.
  • Netflix aims to become the leading network in every country, not just globally.

Challenges and Strategies in Content Creation

  • Barbara Enriquez, the series production designer for "One Hundred Years of Solitude," discusses the challenges of building a fictional town and recreating the passage of time.
  • The series employs magical realism, blending supernatural elements into a realistic story, as seen in scenes involving ghostly visions and a rain of flowers.
  • Netflix utilizes cutting-edge sound stages with LED panels to create virtual environments for actors, as seen in other Latin American projects like "Senna" and "El Eternauta."
  • Bela Bajaria, Netflix's chief content officer, emphasizes the importance of intuition and human connection in selecting stories for production, rather than relying solely on algorithms.

Netflix's Global Strategy

  • Netflix's global strategy involves investing in local storytelling and having local creative and production executives to ensure authentic representation of different cultures.
  • Latin America has a rich history of storytelling, and Netflix has been making originals in the region for a decade, with a focus on expanding the variety and quality of content.
  • Despite the risks involved, Netflix's global ambition positions it ahead of competitors, although American-made content still dominates viewership on the platform.
  • Paco, a Netflix executive, acknowledges the gamble they are taking in Latin America but believes it is necessary to be at the forefront of storytelling and understanding different countries.

Concerns and Expectations

  • The speaker expresses concern about becoming stuck in a repetitive pattern of success and wants to avoid complacency.
  • Macondo holds a significant place in the hearts of the speakers, representing a familiar and ever-growing presence in their lives.
  • The challenge of the project lies in portraying Macondo in a way that aligns with the diverse mental images people already have of it.
  • The speakers are not nervous about the project's outcome and plan to watch it as binge-watchers, viewing it from a public perspective.
  • They expect to receive a special cut of the project from Paco and jokingly plan to send any complaints to him.

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