Apple's Legal Woes and Samsung's Ring | Bloomberg Technology

Apple's Legal Woes and Samsung's Ring | Bloomberg Technology

The video discusses various updates related to Apple and Samsung. Here are the key points from the video:

Apple Updates

  • Apple's stock saw a boost after an analyst upgrade from Bank of America.
  • The upgrade is based on the positive outlook for Apple's Vision Pro product and the predicted upgrade cycle for iPhones through 2024.
  • However, there are also negative headlines surrounding Apple, including a pending antitrust suit from the Department of Justice and an ongoing patent dispute with Masimo.

Department of Justice Antitrust Suit

  • The Department of Justice has been investigating Apple since 2019, focusing on allegations of unfair policies in the App Store and anti-competitive actions related to software and hardware on the iPhone and iPad.
  • A suit from the Department of Justice in the antitrust context could come as soon as March.
  • Bloomberg reporter Leah Nylen discusses the potential suit and the areas of concern for the Justice Department.

Masimo Patent Dispute

  • Apple is facing a legal setback in its patent dispute with Masimo after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit declined to grant Apple a longer pause on the import ban of its devices.
  • Apple will have to sell its Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches with the blood oxygen monitoring disabled via software.
  • Masimo CEO Joe Kiani discusses the ongoing litigation and the importance of accurate pulse oximetry technology.

Samsung Updates

  • Samsung unveiled a new slate of products, including health tracking gadgets and new software features powered by artificial intelligence (AI).
  • The focus of the updates is on integrating AI into various aspects of the user experience, such as voice memos and advanced searches.
  • Samsung also announced the Galaxy Aura, a competitor to Apple's AirPods.

Venture Industry Outlook

  • Katelin Holloway, founding partner at Seven Seven Six, discusses the outlook for the venture industry in 2024.
  • She highlights the importance of deep expertise and people-focused approaches in supporting startups during challenging times.
  • Holloway sees opportunities for founders and VCs to step up and contribute to the success of companies.


  • Apple's stock saw a boost from an analyst upgrade, but the company also faces challenges including the pending Department of Justice antitrust suit and the ongoing patent dispute with Masimo.
  • Samsung unveiled new products with a focus on AI integration.
  • The venture industry has opportunities to support startups amid market uncertainties.

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