Boeing's Starliner Lifts Off, Intel Makes Deal With Apollo | Bloomberg Technology

Boeing's Starliner Lifts Off, Intel Makes Deal With Apollo | Bloomberg Technology

Boeing's Starliner Launch

  • Boeing's Starliner spacecraft successfully launched from Cape Canaveral, carrying two astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS).
  • The launch was delayed twice due to technical glitches and is seven years behind schedule compared to SpaceX.
  • The Starliner and Atlas V performed as expected, with successful separation of the solid rocket boosters and the main booster.
  • The Starliner capsule successfully separated from the Centaur second stage and is on its way to the ISS.
  • Unlike SpaceX's Falcon 9, the Starliner capsule is the only reusable component of the CST-100 system.
  • The successful launch is a critical milestone for the U.S. space ecosystem and could inspire young engineers and entrepreneurs to pursue careers in the space industry.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Election

  • India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, won a crucial battle to form a government and extend his decade in power.
  • The BJP, led by Modi, did not secure a majority on its own but may form a coalition government with other parties.
  • Modi's election manifesto included plans for international space missions, including the first human spaceflight mission.
  • India's space ambitions include developing its own space program and collaborating with private companies like SpaceX.

Intel's Deal with Apollo Global Management

  • Intel agreed to sell an equity interest in a plant it's building in Ireland to Apollo Global Management, retaining a 51% controlling interest and full ownership and operational control.
  • The cost of capital is important for Intel, which has more than $50 billion in debt, negative cash flow, and earnings under pressure.
  • Intel needs big customers like NVIDIA and AMD to commit to using its foundries but also wants to offer its own products for PC and data center.

HPE's AI Systems Growth

  • HPE reported revenue and EPS growth in its latest quarter, driven by strong demand for its AI systems, with revenue reaching almost $1 billion.
  • HPE's AI systems delivered 18% year-over-year growth and an 11% operating profit, demonstrating strong margins.
  • HPE categorizes AI clients into three segments: model builders, service providers, and sovereign cloud in the enterprise.
  • HPE collaborates with partners like NVIDIA and AMD to co-engineer solutions and bring innovation to the market.

Investment Opportunities in AI

  • The biggest investment opportunity in AI lies in the "picks and shovels" driving AI and surrounding the data center space, with hyperscalers expected to be the biggest winners.
  • Generative AI is a key focus area for VC investing, transforming the landscape for technology companies.

Cybersecurity Investments

  • Ken Elefant, a partner at Sorenson Capital, focuses on investing in cybersecurity within the enterprise software sector.
  • AI plays a crucial role in cybersecurity by enhancing the analysis and response to security alerts within Security Operation Centers.
  • Sorenson Capital's investment thesis involves identifying emerging trends and investing in companies that capitalize on these changes.
  • Airgap, a company acquired by Sorenson, addresses the challenge of ransomware and malware moving laterally within an enterprise network.

Alphabet's New Chief Financial Officer

  • Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has appointed Ruth Porat as its new Chief Financial Officer, succeeding Ruth Porat who announced her departure last year.
  • Porat's background in the healthcare industry at Eli Lilly is seen as an opportunity to revitalize Alphabet's healthcare efforts and leverage generative AI applications.
  • Porat's tenure as President and Chief Investment Officer during the CFO search period has coincided with Alphabet's continued success.
  • Porat is known for her ability to allocate resources responsibly, which will be crucial for Alphabet's generative AI endeavors, which require significant investment.

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