DoorDash Earnings and Super Micro's Roller Coaster Ride | Bloomberg Technology

DoorDash Earnings and Super Micro's Roller Coaster Ride | Bloomberg Technology

Stock Market Performance

  • Producer prices rose, leading to a decline in stocks, with the NASDAQ down 0.5% and the S&P 500 pulling back after a week of gains.
  • Bitcoin remained higher despite the rise in the U.S. dollar due to inflationary pressures.
  • Coinbase stock moved in correlation with recent cryptocurrency performance, while Roku's stock dropped 20% due to lower revenue per user.

Company Performance and Strategies


  • DoorDash reported strong growth and profitability in its fourth-quarter results, but its stock price dropped due to guidance that did not surpass expectations.
  • DoorDash's CEO attributed the company's success to increased user habits, more orders, and improved efficiency in logistics.
  • The company aims to drive more users, increase order frequency, and leverage operating expenses to achieve profitability in 2024.
  • DoorDash's software platform, which creates a marketplace and offers software to third parties, is an important aspect of its business that is often overlooked.
  • DoorDash's services business, which includes the software platform Storefront and logistics engines, continues to perform well.
  • DoorDash is operating in 28 countries outside the United States and is growing faster than its peers in international markets, gaining market share.
  • DoorDash is focused on affordability as a key strategic priority, with half of its users not paying any delivery fee and saving consumers over $10 billion through its no-delivery-fee program.
  • DoorDash generated over $1.3 billion in free cash flow in 2023, demonstrating its financial health and commitment to product and technology innovation.
  • DoorDash is driving growth by expanding its product offerings, adding more categories and selection, and making its products more affordable and high-quality.

Super Micro

  • Super Micro's CEO will discuss the company's recent stock performance and its business operations.
  • Super Micro's founder and CEO, Charles Liang, believes the company is fairly valued and offers a unique advantage in the AI infrastructure market.
  • Super Micro differentiates itself from competitors like Dell and HP through its box solution approach, which enables efficient product design, better quality, inventory leverage, and service efficiency.
  • Super Micro's time-to-market advantage and engineering talent in the Bay Area contribute to its success in delivering new AI technologies and products.
  • Super Micro has manufacturing facilities in the US, Taiwan, and Malaysia, with a production capacity to support revenue up to $35 billion.
  • The company has addressed concerns related to accounting violations raised by the SEC in 2020 and has improved its systems.
  • Super Micro benefits from strong market demand for its products, including customization options for specific customer loads.
  • Liang emphasized the importance of product quality and time-to-market in gaining market share.
  • Super Micro's manufacturing facilities in the US and Taiwan ensure product security and supply chain durability.


  • Apple is working on integrating AI into its products, particularly through its Xcode programming tool, to enhance developer capabilities.
  • Apple's senior vice president of software engineering is a huge proponent of LLMs and generative AI and has been pushing for their integration into iOS.
  • Apple's AI group has been working with the cloud services and artificial intelligence organizations to implement AI initiatives into iOS.


  • DraftKings' fourth-quarter results were impacted by unfavorable sports results, but the underlying fundamentals of the business remain strong.
  • DraftKings acquired the lottery app Jackpocket to enter a new market and increase its customer base.
  • Customers who overlapped between DraftKings and Jackpocket spent 50% more on average with DraftKings.
  • DraftKings acquired Jackpocket to improve customer acquisition and increase LTVs.
  • The Jackpocket team's expertise in the market and their scalable technology made them an attractive acquisition target for DraftKings.
  • DraftKings sees the media industry's disruption by streaming as an opportunity for innovation and disruptive deals in the sports betting industry.
  • DraftKings plans to focus on product development, particularly in live betting, to capture growth opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence


  • OpenAI's text-to-video generator, SORA, has impressed with its high-quality video generation capabilities.
  • Safety concerns arise regarding the distinction between AI-generated content and authentic content.
  • OpenAI's CEO is seeking U.S. government approval for a venture to boost global AI chip production, raising national security and antitrust concerns among lawmakers.

Investment Opportunities

  • The infrastructure costs for AI are expected to plummet, making it more accessible.
  • Investment opportunities in AI lie in the higher layers of the stack, such as databases to store AI, monitoring of models, and security for AI.
  • The application stack, where AI can automate and augment inefficient human labor, holds significant

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