Elon Musk's Pay Package | Bloomberg Technology

Elon Musk's Pay Package | Bloomberg Technology


  • Tesla's investors are asked to approve a pay package for Elon Musk, previously struck down by a Delaware court.
  • Tesla's stock continues to face downward pressure, reaching its lowest level in almost a year, despite the company's plans to incorporate in Texas.
  • Experts analyze the reasons behind Tesla's stock decline, including recent layoffs, Elon Musk's comments on robotaxis, and ongoing legal challenges related to Musk's compensation package.
  • Pierre Ferragu from New Street Research provides his perspective on Tesla, emphasizing its long-term potential as a car manufacturer and platform for advancements like driverless driving and robotics.

Chipmaking Industry

  • Chipmaking orders are diving at ASML, raising concerns about a potential chip stockpile.
  • ASML, a chip manufacturer, is experiencing challenges due to lower-than-anticipated revenue and reduced demand from Samsung.
  • Tech earnings are approaching, and analysts predict a potential correction and profit-taking in the chipmaking sector due to leveling growth expectations.

Cryptocurrency Market

  • The cryptocurrency market is on the downside as the U.S. dollar weakens, breaking a six-day streak of strength.
  • Bitcoin's value has fallen to $6,000 per token, prompting discussions about its real-world use cases, such as its growing adoption in Latin America.
  • Stocks linked to the cryptocurrency industry are also experiencing downward pressure, reflecting the broader market sentiment.
  • The CEO of Grayscale Investments comments on the relatively new market for a U.S. spot Bitcoin ETF.
  • The CEO of a cryptocurrency exchange discussed the SEC's approval of a Bitcoin ETF and the need for listed options on spot Bitcoin ETFs to help investors manage their positions and risk.


  • The French company Atos is discussed, with a focus on its recent challenges and potential turnaround strategies.
  • The CEO of Atos, a French IT company facing financial challenges, expressed confidence in finding a solution to its high level of debt and upcoming maturities.
  • The company is working with creditors and bondholders for a debt conciliation, and there are ongoing discussions with mediators to find a positive resolution.
  • Atos presented a comprehensive plan that includes all of its assets, and various proposals are expected, including keeping the company together or considering asset disposals.

Generative AI

  • Generative AI is revolutionizing industries by enabling rapid application innovation.
  • The infrastructure for generative AI applications is now well-established, leading to a 10-year innovation cycle for faster application development.
  • Successful generative AI applications have an "infinite content loop," allowing for continuous feedback and iteration, as seen in companies like Typeface.
  • Generative AI can augment workers' capabilities or replace repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on higher-value activities.
  • To truly disrupt applications, it's essential to build them from the ground up with generative AI in mind, rather than adding it as a later layer.


  • Toshiba plans to cut 5,000 jobs in Japan, about 10% of its workforce, potentially leading to one of the largest rounds of staff reductions in the country this year.


  • Apple is considering diversifying its production bases beyond China to minimize geopolitical risks by potentially manufacturing some gadgets in Indonesia.


  • Business software startup Rippling is in talks to raise funding between $13 billion and $14 billion, with plans to secure $500 million in debt financing.


  • Svante, a carbon capture technology company, is working with various industries to provide filters and solutions to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Svante has raised $500 million and is building a factory to produce filters capable of capturing one million tons of CO2.

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