Former President Trump Speaks and Dell Shares Sink | Bloomberg Technology

Former President Trump Speaks and Dell Shares Sink | Bloomberg Technology

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  • Former President Trump responded to the guilty verdict in his trial, stating that the final verdict will be determined in the upcoming election.
  • Trump's lawyers are appealing the verdict, which could potentially affect voter sentiment in the November 5th general election.
  • The stock market experienced a decline, with the S&P 500 dropping 0.47% and Dell Technologies shares significantly decreasing by 21% despite the company's growth.
  • Trump criticized current immigration policies, claiming millions of people are entering the country from various regions, including jails, prisons, and mental institutions.
  • He accused President Biden and his administration of working against him, alleging a gag order and threats of imprisonment.
  • Trump expressed frustration over the trial, claiming unfairness and bias against him, including mistreatment of witnesses.
  • He criticized the New York district attorney for neglecting rampant crime in the city, citing a recent machete attack at a McDonald's.
  • Trump discussed the trial involving falsified business records, explaining that a bookkeeper mistakenly categorized a legal expense as a construction expense, leading to charges against him.
  • He criticized the judge for allowing the prosecution to delve into unrelated past actions while preventing his defense testimony.
  • Trump highlighted the potential negative impact on businesses due to the negative publicity surrounding the accusations.
  • Despite the verdict, Trump mentioned a recent poll showing an increase in his approval ratings, indicating public support for his stance.
  • He questioned the fairness of the trial, citing the exclusion of an election expert and the use of salacious questions.
  • Trump criticized the Southern District and Washington for initially dropping a federal election case against him and then reopening it under the new district attorney, Bragg.
  • He expressed sympathy for a 77-year-old man allegedly coerced into a plea deal involving multiple jail sentences due to threats from the judge.
  • Trump discussed the legal troubles of his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, who pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations related to payments made to women alleging affairs with Trump.
  • Trump defended the payments as legal and common under a non-disclosure agreement, criticizing the investigation as a politically motivated "witch hunt."
  • Despite the negative impact on his family and businesses, Trump affirmed his determination to fight for his rights and the Constitution.

Věra Jourová, EU Commissioner (00:38:00)

  • European Commission Vice President Vera Jourova visited California to discuss the impact of AI and foreign interference in elections.
  • Jourova expressed concerns about social media manipulation, particularly during Trump's presidency, and met with tech executives to discuss protecting campaigns from misinformation ahead of EU elections.
  • Jourova emphasized the importance of educating voters and preventing meddling by hostile powers like Vladimir Putin.
  • Meta believes they have sufficient tools to combat AI-generated malicious content and misinformation but Jourova stressed the need for platforms to do more, including fact-checking content and labeling AI-generated material.
  • Telegram was not specifically discussed, but Jourova mentioned its role in spreading misinformation, particularly in Eastern European member states with Russian-speaking minorities.
  • Telegram is not currently under investigation due to having less than 45 million users, but its user count is being verified, and if found to have more than 45 million users, it will be investigated for its role in spreading misinformation.

Noelle Acheson, "Crypto is Macro Now" Author (00:45:45)

  • Noelle Acheson, author of "Crypto is Macro Now," was surprised by the SEC's approval of a spot ETF for Ether.
  • She believes that the demand for the product may not be as high as expected due to the 4% yield that investors would forego by investing in it.
  • Acheson compares Ether to "digital oil" and emphasizes its utility as a medium of exchange rather than a store of value like Bitcoin.
  • She acknowledges the advantages of the product in generating interest but cautions investors to be aware of the various narratives at play.
  • Acheson draws parallels between the approval process of a spot Bitcoin ETF and the potential timeline for a spot Ether ETF, suggesting that it could happen sometime in the summer.
  • Former President Trump's speech negatively impacted the stock of Truth Social, which saw a decline in pre-session lows.
  • Bloomberg Technology covered Trump's speech earlier in the program.
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