Nvidia Tops $2T and Reddit Files for IPO | Bloomberg Technology

Nvidia Tops $2T and Reddit Files for IPO | Bloomberg Technology


  • NVIDIA's market value surpassed $2 trillion, making it the latest company to join the exclusive trillion-dollar club.
  • NVIDIA's challenges in China due to geopolitical tensions have led to a decline in revenue from the region, but the company is adapting by developing products that comply with export laws.
  • Despite the $2 trillion valuation and concerns about China, Erika takes a long-term view and sees significant growth potential in the AI infrastructure market.

Intuitive Machines

  • Intuitive Machines successfully landed on the moon, marking the first lunar landing in 50 years.
  • Intuitive Machines' American-made lander, named Odysseus, successfully touched down on the moon, making it the first private spacecraft to reach the lunar surface intact since the Apollo era.
  • NASA is working with private companies to reduce the cost of space exploration and is looking to develop commercial landers for future missions.
  • Intuitive Machines received funding from NASA but also raised capital to support its mission.
  • The lander carried NASA scientific instruments and commercial customer payloads, with the goal of exploring the moon's south pole and potentially mining water ice.
  • Other companies involved in lunar missions include Astrobotic, which experienced engine failure during its launch, and Firefly Aerospace, which is partnering with NASA.

Warner Bros. Discovery

  • Despite strong overall earnings, Warner Bros. reported disappointing results.
  • Warner Bros. Discovery's fourth-quarter revenue and profits fell short of estimates, with weakness in linear TV.
  • Warner Bros. streaming business was not profitable for the full year, but losses were lower in the fourth quarter.
  • Subscriber numbers were better but still significantly behind Netflix and Disney.
  • Traditional media revenue for Warner Bros. was down double digits due to factors such as strikes and a decline in movie releases.
  • Warner Bros. released three big movies in December, resulting in increased revenue but decreased profits.
  • The movie "Aquaman" disappointed at the box office, contributing to superhero fatigue.


  • Reddit has filed for an IPO despite not being profitable yet.
  • Reddit is planning to go public, with a valuation of $5 million.
  • Early shareholders, including the founder, are no longer major investors.
  • The company has been popular in the secondary market, with demand for liquidity from early shareholders.
  • Reddit is betting on retail interest in the IPO, with plans to issue shares to 75,000 power users and allowing them to buy into the IPO.
  • There is a risk factor in Reddit's cozying up with large language model makers, as it could lead to backlash from users and hinder their business.
  • Analysts are looking at competitors such as Alphabet, Meta, and other social platforms when evaluating Reddit's competition.
  • Reddit is trying to sell investors on the fact that they can allow advertisers to reach a more niche target audience.
  • Reddit filed for an IPO, with Sam Altman listed as one of the major shareholders.
  • Altman led the Series B funding round for Reddit in 2014 and has a close relationship with the company.


  • Klarna, a richly valued company headed for IPO, is experiencing internal disputes between co-founders and Sequoia partners, leading to a public drama.
  • Sequoia appointed a new board member to calm the issues, and the CEO had to intervene to smooth things over.


  • Carvana reported profits past estimates, avoiding headwinds from high-interest rates and inflation, due to a strategic shift towards profitability.
  • The company's success is attributed to the team's execution of a well-thought-out plan amidst market pressures.
  • The steep increase in profits and return to unit growth may be partly due to squeezing out some of the shorts, as the company was heavily shorted.
  • Ernie, the CEO of Carvana, emphasizes the importance of delivering great customer experiences as the key to paying down debt.
  • Despite a challenging 2022, Carvana's team has made significant progress and is well-positioned for success.
  • Carvana operates in a mature used car industry, with 40 million used cars transacted annually in the U.S.
  • The company's strategy involves identifying moments when customers want to switch vehicles and making the process simple and cost-efficient.
  • Carvana has built a new supply chain and technology-supported capabilities to provide customers with the best price, selection, and experience.
  • The company grew from a seed in 2013 to its current position by consistently delivering great experiences in a flat market.
  • Recent tailwinds, such as lower car prices, have benefited Carvana's business.
  • Carvana's long-term goal is to continue delivering great experiences and capturing market share, while acknowledging that the market will have its own impact.

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