Rivian and VW's Partnership and Social Media Disinformation | Bloomberg Technology

Rivian and VW's Partnership and Social Media Disinformation | Bloomberg Technology

Rivian and Volkswagen Partnership

  • Volkswagen invested $1 billion in Rivian, with an additional $1 billion commitment in 2025 and 2026.
  • In return, Volkswagen gains access to Rivian's technology, software, and drivetrain elements.
  • This investment supports Rivian's path to profitability and the launch of the R2, enhancing affordability in the market.
  • Volkswagen sees this partnership as an opportunity for cutting-edge technology globally, particularly in North America.

Supreme Court Ruling on Misinformation

  • The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Biden administration, allowing communication with social media companies about content deemed misinformation.
  • The decision was based on standing, as plaintiffs failed to demonstrate direct injury from the administration's actions.
  • The Biden administration can now engage with social media companies to address misinformation, but its actions remain uncertain due to political implications and free speech debates.

CME and Google Collaboration

  • CME and Google are developing new facilities for futures and options trading in the cloud, moving operations closer to existing data centers.

South Korea's Semiconductor Investment

  • South Korea plans to invest $90 million to support its semiconductor industry, offering low-interest rates to eligible firms amid global focus on local chip production.

Strike's Bitcoin Services in the UK

  • Strike, a global Bitcoin company, launches in the UK to provide financial services for Bitcoin adoption.
  • CEO Jack Manners sees Bitcoin as a paradigm shift and emphasizes the need for a global company to facilitate its adoption.
  • Manners predicts Bitcoin's value to reach between $250,000 to $1 million in the next 12 months.

Robin AI's Legal AI Product

  • Robin AI introduces Robin AI Reports, using AI to summarize contracts, identify risks, and accelerate deals.
  • Robin AI supports about 1000 M&A transactions monthly for major companies, including Fortune 500 and top 100 funds.
  • The company collaborates with Anthropic to expand its reach and focus.

Micron's High-Bandwidth Memory Chip

  • Micron's high-bandwidth memory chip offers high-speed data transfers and increased capacity for AI production.
  • Its small size and stackable layers address the memory wall challenge in training large language models.
  • Micron's focus on high-bandwidth memory for NVIDIA's H100 chip presents expansion opportunities into other accelerators like AMD.
  • Other flash memories, including enterprise and AI-related products, contribute to a healthier overall market.
  • Pricing for non-AI-related Micron products is expected to rise due to supply constraints.

Private to Public Investing Discussion

  • Bloomberg Invest event features a discussion on private to public investing, focusing on Series A investments and the competitive landscape.
  • Generative AI companies with credible AI narratives experience higher demand during IPOs.
  • Founders considering going public should identify growth partners, build a robust finance function, and establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for future success.
  • Strategic partnerships often lead to M&A opportunities rather than direct IPOs.
  • Regulatory concerns may hinder large-scale M&A in the AI sector.

Impact of AI Advancements

Market Capitalization Growth and Unicorns

  • NVIDIA's rapid market capitalization growth in 2021 was driven by low interest rates and increased VC investment in the US.
  • 2021 saw the creation of more unicorns than the previous five years combined, many of which were overcapitalized.
  • Half of the unicorns in the US will need to raise funds by December, potentially leading to down rounds, recapitalization, acquisition by public companies, or closure.

Texas Stock Exchange and IPO Considerations

  • The newly announced Texas Stock Exchange could compete with existing exchanges and bring innovation to the market.
  • It addresses the regulatory burdens of being a public company on the NASDAQ or NYSE.
  • 40% of New Yorkers believe it is unlikely that their companies will relocate to Texas for an IPO.
  • Rebecca advises potential investors to engage with customers to understand their motivations for using a product and the company's go-to-market strategy.
  • Caroline suggests that consumers of companies like Rivian or Instacart may find it easier to conduct due diligence.
  • Nick emphasizes the importance of competitive advantage and urges investors to have confidence in their investment decisions.

Rivian Stock and Podcast

  • Rivian's stock reaches its highest level since February after announcing a $5 million joint venture deal with Volkswagen.
  • The podcast features Vivek Ramaswamy, who reportedly served as an intermediary between Elon Musk and former President Donald Trump.

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