Tesla's Deliveries Expectations and Rubrik's IPO Plans | Bloomberg Technology

Tesla's Deliveries Expectations and Rubrik's IPO Plans | Bloomberg Technology


  • Tesla's Q1 2023 deliveries were flat, and analysts predict a similar trend for Q1 2024, with a potential year-on-year decline.
  • Tesla's market share in the U.S. EV market has decreased to around 46%, making it less crucial to the overall EV market's health.
  • Tesla faces increasing competition in the electric vehicle market, especially from BYD, which captured 20% of BMW's sales in the US last year.


  • Bitcoin's upcoming halving event, where the block reward for mining new bitcoins is reduced by half, has investors anticipating a potential price surge due to reduced supply.
  • Ian Rogers, Chief Experience Officer at Ledger, compares Bitcoin to precious metals and highlights the significance of the halving event.
  • The mining community is global and chases cheap energy, with questions about their post-halving strategies and potential market impact.
  • Rogers believes in the long-term value of Bitcoin due to the increasing digitalization of our lives and the need for digital ownership.

Data Breaches

  • AT&T revealed a data breach affecting 73 million current and former customers, with personal information leaked onto the dark web.
  • Security breaches for carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile are more common than expected, but they don't usually have a significant impact on brand confidence or subscriber churn.
  • AT&T responded to the breach by offering affected subscribers reimbursement for security services and changing their passcodes.


  • Formula One owner Liberty Media Corp. is acquiring the motorcycle racing equivalent, creating excitement among racing enthusiasts.


  • The markets are taking a breather after a strong start to the year, with the Nasdaq 100 up 14% in the December quarter.
  • Economic data suggests the Federal Reserve may not need to cut rates, leading to a slight pullback in risk assets like Bitcoin.
  • Micron is outperforming the market due to its integral role in the future of AI, as highlighted by analysts.
  • Alphabet (Google) reached a new record high.


  • Rubrik, a cloud data security company backed by Microsoft, is planning to file for an IPO next week.
  • The valuation of Rubrik is uncertain, but it is expected to be high due to the resilience of the sector and Microsoft's investment of $4 billion.


  • Disney's annual shareholder meeting will take place on Wednesday, where investors will vote on efforts by activists to restructure the board.
  • The vote is essentially a referendum on Disney's streaming strategy and whether investors trust Bob Iger to lead the company or prefer Nelson Peltz to hold him accountable.
  • Disney has been losing money on streaming, but the losses are narrowing.


  • David Jones, founder and CEO of Brandtech, discusses the company's recent $100 million fundraising and their focus on using AI and machine-generated content for marketing.
  • Brandtech has invested in AI chatbots, media planning, mine twins, and the acquisition of Pencil, a leading generative AI platform.
  • Advertisers are showing high levels of interest in generative AI, with many global CEOs expecting it to impact their top and bottom lines this year.

Generative AI in Filmmaking

  • Shy Kids, a Toronto-based multimedia company, created one of the first short films using OpenAI's SORA technology, titled "Airhead."
  • The process of creating the short film was similar to traditional filmmaking, with the main difference being that most of the images were generated using SORA.
  • The filmmakers saw the potential of SORA as an opportunity to expand their creativity and convey a positive message, countering the prevailing sense of doom and gloom.

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