Tesla's Disappointing Deliveries and Apple's Quarterly Dip | Bloomberg Technology

Tesla's Disappointing Deliveries and Apple's Quarterly Dip | Bloomberg Technology

Tesla and the EV Market

  • Tesla missed delivery expectations in Q1 2023, falling short of the Bloomberg consensus by the most on record.
  • The company attributed the shortfall to supply-side issues, including diverted shipments, paused production in Berlin, and a relaunched model in Fremont.
  • Despite the delivery miss, Tesla's stock price only dropped around 5% as analysts believe the company is in a "between wave" period, awaiting new product launches.
  • Competition from Chinese EV makers and the high average EV price in the US are seen as factors in Tesla's delivery shortfall.
  • Rivian beat production and delivery expectations but remains a niche player. Its R2 model unveiling has generated excitement and could be critical for long-term success.
  • Hybrid vehicles are seen as the biggest competition for EVs, especially considering concerns about EV infrastructure.

Policy and Incentives for EVs

  • Stephanie Valdez Streaty believes policy support for EVs is working in the US, citing the $7,500 incentive and regulatory changes.
  • However, she points out that the incentives are confusing and many consumers are not aware of them, leading to a need for more education around EVs and their value.
  • Streaty predicts more bumps, incentives, price cuts, and industry growth in the EV market in the coming year.

The Chip Industry and AI

  • Erika Klauer remains constructive on the long-term prospects of the chip industry due to AI penetration opportunities across various industries.
  • She suggests investing in core compute experts like NVIDIA and Advanced Micro Devices, as well as companies benefiting from AI in different industries.
  • Klauer highlights the changing nature of compute and demand for memory, power, and thermal envelopes, creating opportunities in the infrastructure side of the business.
  • The disruptive nature of AI technology across industries drowns out macro concerns such as rates, inflation, and geopolitical headwinds.

US-China Tensions and the Semiconductor Industry

  • Ongoing geopolitical tensions between China and the US, particularly regarding chip sales, have led to discussions about the impact on companies exposed to China, such as NVIDIA.
  • US companies selling chip-making equipment are banned from selling their most advanced equipment to China, prompting semiconductor companies to seek alternative locations for building plants outside of Taiwan and China.
  • There is unprecedented demand for government support to build more semiconductor plants, creating a long-term tailwind for equipment companies.

Cybersecurity and Data Security

  • The semiconductor industry is experiencing a surge in demand driven by the necessity for compute, leading to innovation on the software side to analyze vast amounts of data.
  • Cybersecurity is an essential aspect of protecting intellectual property and data, driving strong demand for cybersecurity solutions.
  • Rubrik, a cloud and data security startup backed by Microsoft, has filed for an IPO, with details on the size and price of the share sale to be disclosed later.
  • Rubrik stands out with its focus on data security and a wide range of clients, including large enterprises and public-sector entities.
  • Despite being loss-making, Rubrik's annual recurring revenue (ARR) is growing, indicating customer retention and potential for future growth.

Truth Social and the Broader Market

  • Truth Social, the social media platform launched by former President Donald Trump, has seen a 6.5% increase in its shares despite a 21% drop the previous day.
  • Trump's net worth has decreased by approximately $1 billion, while the company's valuation stands at over $6 billion.
  • Truth Social has an estimated 9 million users, significantly lower compared to platforms like Reddit.
  • Truth Social is heavily shorted, with 14% of its free float being sold short.
  • The broader market is experiencing a risk-off mode, with Bitcoin and the Nasdaq 100 declining.
  • Tesla's stock price dropped by 5.5%, marking its worst quarterly vehicle delivery performance since late 2022.

US-China Relations

  • President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping had a phone call, discussing various topics including cyber, AI, fentanyl, and geopolitical concerns.

DoNotPay Inc and the Future of AI

  • DoNotPay Inc, an AI company offering online legal services, has become one of the first private AI venture companies to pay dividends to shareholders due to its profitability.
  • The company has raised $24 million in total and has been able to generate a sizable portion of its profits every year.
  • DoNotPay Inc aims to build a large business with minimal staff, inspired by companies like Klarna and Majority.
  • The company utilizes AI to negotiate contracts and money for users and is not exclusively reliant on OpenAI for its AI needs.
  • DoNotPay Inc has helped users successfully negotiate over a million bills, primarily through automated services that challenge fines and disputes without the need for court proceedings.

Venture Capital and Addiction Treatment

  • Tiger Global, a prominent venture capital firm, has faced challenges in its latest fundraising round, raising only $2.2 billion out of a targeted $6 billion, its smallest fundraising in a decade.
  • Tiger Global's insiders have increased their contribution to the fund, providing 20% of the assets raised, indicating a shift in the firm's fundraising strategy.
  • Despite the challenging fundraising environment, Atomico, another venture capital firm, has recently led a $58 million Series A funding round for a telehealth company focused on cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction treatment.
  • The need for better solutions to address addiction is urgent, with 70% of individuals with addiction still in the workforce and only 1% having access to clinically validated treatments.
  • The total estimated direct cost of substance use disorders in the U.S. is around $35 billion.
  • The competitive landscape for allocating capital to companies like Pelago has become tougher due to a reduction in capital supply and a smaller pool of high-quality companies coming to the market.
  • Pelago stands out with its deep expertise in the addiction sector, combining medical knowledge with commercial and technical sophistication.
  • To discern hype from real potential, investors should rely on humility, recognizing that near-term performance can be overestimated and long-term value creation underestimated.
  • Atomico, known for its European focus, believes in the European opportunity and expects an extraordinary generation of European-based founders.

Funding and Legal Developments

  • Flip, an online marketplace featuring product review videos made by shoppers, has raised $144 million in fresh funding, valuing the company at $1.05 billion.
  • Google settled a class-action lawsuit alleging that it tracked people's data even in incognito mode.
  • Disney is in a proxy battle with billionaire activist investor Nelson Peltz over the composition of its board.
  • BlackRock, with a 4.2% stake in Disney, is supporting the company against Peltz.
  • The outcome of the proxy battle could impact long-term succession planning at Disney, including the future of Bob Iger.
  • The results of the vote are still being counted, and the final outcome is uncertain.

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