David Goggins - How To Master Your Life (4K) | Modern Wisdom Podcast 577

David Goggins - How To Master Your Life (4K) | Modern Wisdom Podcast 577

Intro (00:00:00)

  • The host introduces the guest, David Goggins, and explains the purpose of the podcast: to help people build belief and confidence.
  • David Goggins expresses his gratitude for being invited to the show.

David's New Career of Smoke Jumping (00:00:33)

  • David Goggins, a former Navy SEAL, ultramarathon runner, and motivational speaker, is renowned for his exceptional physical and mental resilience.
  • Goggins currently serves as a smoke jumper, parachuting into wildfires to combat them in remote areas without immediate evacuation options.
  • His motivation stems from a desire for personal growth and a rejection of complacency.
  • Smoke jumping entails long, arduous hours during the summer, with minimal rest between shifts.
  • Goggins' success is not solely attributed to physical strength and motivational speeches; it is the result of a deliberate transformation from his past struggles.
  • His philosophy of continuous improvement is reflected in the title of his second book, "Never Finished."

The Danger of Success Making You Soft (00:07:00)

  • David Goggins, a former Navy SEAL and ultramarathon runner, believes in capping success to avoid complacency and continues to push himself to help a broader audience.
  • He emphasizes the importance of staying hungry and humble, drawing knowledge from challenging situations rather than relying on past achievements.
  • Goggins highlights the example of William Crawford, a janitor who received the Medal of Honor for heroism, as a reminder that true value often lies in humility and not external recognition.
  • Despite his accomplishments, Goggins remains humble and does not view himself as better than anyone else, believing that true growth comes from serving others and not looking down on them.

Is SEAL Selection Too Harsh? (00:13:21)

  • David Goggins discusses a recent news story about the treatment of SEALs during their selection process.
  • He understands why some people may find the training methods harsh, but argues that it takes a different kind of mindset to do a job like that.
  • Goggins believes that the loud voices of the 99% who don't understand what SEALs have to do should not be given as much weight as the opinions of those who have been through the training.
  • He compares the SEAL selection process to Elon Musk's demand that Twitter employees work harder than ever before, arguing that there are people who dream of being able to contribute to progress in such a demanding environment.
  • Goggins emphasizes that people like Elon Musk, David Goggins, and Navy SEALs are necessary for certain jobs in the world, and that it takes a unique person to do these jobs.
  • He argues that it is important for Armed Forces to be prepared for the battlefield, and that being too lenient during training can be a problem.
  • Goggins stresses the importance of mental toughness and the need for constant recall and re-qualification to maintain mental readiness.

Running the Moab 240 (00:17:54)

  • David Goggins participated in the Moab 240, a 240-mile race, to push himself beyond his limits and overcome complacency.
  • Despite initial struggles and health issues, including pulmonary edema, Goggins persevered and completed the race, covering approximately 250-255 miles.
  • Goggins emphasizes the importance of pushing oneself beyond limits and not giving up, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges.
  • He suggests asking oneself if they can take one more step, and if the answer is yes, then not taking that step is considered real failure or quitting.
  • Goggins stresses that the choice not to take the next step is a personal decision, and one must live with the consequences of that choice.

David's One-Second Decision Theory (00:23:40)

  • The "one-second decision" refers to critical moments during challenging situations when individuals must decide whether to persevere or give up.
  • In extreme circumstances, such as the Navy SEALs' Hell Week, losing focus can lead to failure.
  • During intense pain or discomfort, the mind's fight-or-flight response can override rational thinking, making it difficult to make sound decisions.
  • To overcome these challenges, it's important to stay physically engaged while mentally detaching from the immediate discomfort.
  • David Goggins emphasizes the significance of controlling one's mind and making crucial decisions in challenging situations.
  • Goggins highlights the importance of considering the long-term consequences of one's actions rather than solely focusing on immediate discomfort.
  • Goggins encourages individuals to embrace suffering and challenges as a means of personal development and achieving their full potential.

The Most Painful Pursuit Of David's Life (00:36:03)

  • David Goggins participated in the world's toughest events to raise money for the Lone Survivor incident.
  • He chose the Badwater 135, a 135-mile race through Death Valley in the summertime, despite having no ultra-running experience.
  • Goggins faced extreme physical challenges during the race, including severe pain and discomfort in the last 30 miles.
  • After finishing the race, he was in such a state that he required assistance to get up the stairs and ended up lying on the floor in the kitchen.
  • Goggins reflected on his accomplishment and realized that he had achieved something he initially thought was humanly impossible.

Why Make a Mixtape of Hate Messages? (00:42:52)

  • David Goggins uses negative comments from haters as motivation by collecting and listening to them during training.
  • He avoids carrying his phone to stay present and focused during conversations and activities.
  • Goggins learned from the psychology of haters, as he was once a negative person himself, and suggests the concept of a "reverse role model" to avoid making the same mistakes.
  • He believes that many successful people achieve success by avoiding failure rather than actively pursuing it and emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and understanding one's own weaknesses.
  • Goggins advises taking a moment to understand the motivations and circumstances of those who attack or criticize, as they may be in a bad mental place themselves.
  • He recommends setting challenging goals and taking consistent action towards them, even when it's difficult, and emphasizes the importance of mental toughness and self-discipline in overcoming obstacles and achieving success.
  • Goggins encourages people to embrace discomfort and use it as a tool for growth and self-improvement.

What People Get Wrong About Motivation (00:53:33)

  • Motivation is not a permanent fix.
  • You have to learn to perform without motivation and purpose.
  • Motivation is just a word, and you need to have a clear headspace and organized mind to achieve your goals.
  • Discipline is great, but without a clear headspace, there is no discipline.
  • You need to organize your mind and compartmentalize your thoughts to achieve consistency and discipline.
  • Your life needs to be organized to avoid outside interference from cluttering your mind.
  • Meditation can help clear your mind and refresh your thoughts.

David’s Daily Routine (00:57:49)

  • Wakes up at 5:30 AM every morning and starts his day with a run.
  • Running is something he hates the most, so it serves as his "cup of coffee" and helps him armor himself mentally and physically for the challenges of the day.
  • Avoids using his phone or engaging in any potentially distracting activities first thing in the morning to protect his mind from negativity.
  • After the run, he eats a small meal and then goes to the gym.
  • His runs typically last between 1.5 to 2 hours, and he does them fasted.
  • He also cycles on a stationary bike for at least 3-4 days a week.
  • Maintains a strict daily routine, with no room for anything else.
  • Gets around 7-8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Combines stretching and meditation into a 4-hour block every night.
  • Has been following this routine for the past seven years.
  • Believes in capping success to avoid overwhelming himself and maintain his growth factor.

How to Build Unshakable Confidence (01:01:31)

  • Confidence is built through accomplishments and hard work, not affirmations.
  • Confidence should be ahead of competence but not delusional.
  • Belief is built through daunting tasks and undeniable proof of accomplishments.
  • Limited horizons can prevent people from dreaming big and achieving their full potential.
  • Dreams should motivate you to put in the work and achieve them, but they should not become the master.
  • Focus on the details and tasks required to achieve your dreams rather than just the dream itself.
  • Talking about your dreams can be motivating, but it's important to take action and actually do the work to achieve them.
  • Many people fall into a pattern of talking about their dreams but never taking action, which prevents them from achieving their goals.
  • Clearing your mind and focusing on what you truly want to do is essential for overcoming this pattern and becoming a doer rather than just a talker.

Sharing David’s Mother’s Difficult Experiences (01:07:52)

  • David Goggins and his mother collaborated on an audiobook version of his book, "Can't Hurt Me," with additional podcast episodes recapping each chapter.
  • Goggins' mother overcame emotional damage from an abusive relationship and learned to disregard others' opinions.
  • Goggins' upbringing in a challenging environment made him highly observant of human behavior.
  • Goggins' mother contemplated suicide but decided against it to protect her sons from their abusive father.
  • Goggins believes owning and being transparent about one's trauma can be liberating and empowering.
  • Goggins admires his mother's resilience and determination in overcoming her challenges.
  • In life's fights and battles, you have to be your own coach and motivator.

Why David Went Back to See His Tyrannical Father (01:17:57)

  • David Goggins confronted his abusive father to understand his trauma and gain empathy for him.
  • Goggins emphasizes facing and examining past traumas to achieve personal growth and healing.
  • He advocates for building mental armor and confidence to overcome life's challenges and stresses the importance of overcoming shame and embarrassment.
  • Goggins sees his mission as breaking the cycle of generational trauma by empowering individuals to build resilience and self-belief.
  • He encourages individuals to learn from their past experiences and use them to improve themselves.

Speaking up Against Bullying (01:24:53)

  • Chris, the host of the Modern Wisdom Podcast, was bullied in school and felt isolated and lonely as a result.
  • A former bully from school reached out to Chris on Instagram to apologize for his actions and expressed remorse for the pain he caused.
  • Chris was surprised and moved by the apology and realized that his experience with bullying had shaped his outlook on life.
  • David Goggins believes that people should not shelter their children from the harsh realities of the world and suggests that people should practice "chosen suffering" in order to prepare for the "unchosen suffering" that will inevitably come.

What it Was Like Being Studied By Andrew Huberman (01:32:56)

  • David Goggins was invited to Andrew Huberman's lab to experience virtual reality (VR) underwater with sharks.
  • Goggins declined the VR experience because he prefers to work in reality rather than simulated environments.
  • He believes that studying fear responses in controlled VR settings may not accurately capture the true reactions individuals would have in real-life situations.
  • Goggins suggests that researchers should focus on understanding why individuals experience fear in certain situations, even when they know they are in a safe environment.
  • Goggins emphasizes the importance of performing at a high level even when there is no specific purpose or goal in sight.
  • He believes that individuals need to develop a sense of purpose to motivate themselves and achieve their full potential.
  • Goggins argues that relying solely on external goals or purposes can lead to a lack of preparedness when unexpected challenges arise.
  • He suggests that the ultimate purpose in life is self-improvement and personal growth, and that individuals should strive to better themselves regardless of their circumstances.
  • Goggins explains that his daily dedication and hard work come from his pride in himself and his desire for self-improvement, rather than external rewards or recognition.

The Loneliness of Elite Performance (01:37:45)

  • David Goggins emphasizes overcoming challenges and pushing oneself beyond limits for personal growth and success.
  • Goggins highlights embracing discomfort, loneliness, and solitude as opportunities for self-improvement.
  • He suggests that many valuable qualities and strengths originate from difficulties faced during youth.
  • Goggins stresses the importance of self-pride and self-respect as foundations for personal growth.
  • He encourages cultivating a sense of pride, even for small things, as a driving force for self-improvement.
  • Goggins emphasizes the significance of having a personal mission statement and living up to it.
  • He believes that without a clear sense of purpose, achieving personal growth and success is difficult.
  • Goggins highlights the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions and holding oneself accountable.
  • He admires the "Roger that" mindset, which involves receiving orders, giving them, and expecting results, going above and beyond expectations.

Being Friends with Joe Rogan & The Rock (01:44:45)

  • David Goggins encourages others to succeed without feeling threatened and believes in abundance.
  • Joe Rogan is known for promoting and supporting others, earning him the title of the modern-day Oprah.
  • Despite the competitive nature of the comedy world, Rogan stands out for his willingness to uplift others.
  • Goggins' friend's wife did a tarot card reading before his appearance on Rogan's podcast, and the card pulled represented an older warrior who had transcended battle, which seemed fitting for Goggins.
  • Goggins emphasizes the importance of raising others up as one gains a platform and opportunities.
  • Despite his fame, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson reached out to Goggins and offered to read the blurb for his audiobook, demonstrating his support.

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