Active Recall - Summarize anything, forget nothing | Product HuntGet 40% Discount
Active Recall - Summarize anything, forget nothing | Product HuntGet 40% Discount
Active Recall - Summarize anything, forget nothing | Product HuntGet 40% Discount
Active Recall - Summarize anything, forget nothing | Product HuntGet 40% Discount
Active Recall - Summarize anything, forget nothing | Product HuntGet 40% Discount
Active Recall - Summarize anything, forget nothing | Product HuntGet 40% Discount
Active Recall - Summarize anything, forget nothing | Product HuntGet 40% Discount
Active Recall - Summarize anything, forget nothing | Product HuntGet 40% Discount
Active Recall - Summarize anything, forget nothing | Product HuntGet 40% Discount
Active Recall - Summarize anything, forget nothing | Product HuntGet 40% Discount

Fighting A Woman For $1M, Ukraine War & Gordon Ryan - Craig Jones

Fighting A Woman For $1M, Ukraine War & Gordon Ryan - Craig Jones

Why Craig is Hated by BJJ (00:00:00)

  • The speaker, who finds Brazilian jiu-jitsu uninteresting as a sport, is captivated by its unique characters and invests money acquired from anonymous sources into the sport.
  • To challenge existing tournament organizers, the speaker plans to host a tournament with a $1 million prize pool, significantly higher than other major events, and scheduled on the same weekend as a prestigious tournament, forcing athletes to choose between prestige and money.
  • The speaker believes Brazilian jiu-jitsu is underfunded, with athletes undercompensated due to a limited audience compared to MMA, and aims to prove that tournaments can be profitable and fairly compensate athletes.
  • The tournament's schedule, with prelims on Saturday and finals on Sunday, allows fans to watch the finals and athletes to enjoy Las Vegas on Saturday night.
  • The speaker attributes the lack of profit in combat sports events to entrepreneurial incompetence rather than conspiracies and is involved in various entrepreneurial ventures, including re-engineering sunglasses with a built-in tiny spoon for measuring sugar intake in coffee.
  • Despite potential disruptions caused by his ideas, the speaker is determined to disrupt industries like Jiu-Jitsu and sunglasses.

Are Martial Arts Lame? (00:06:20)

  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is a popular martial art that focuses on ground game grappling and is gaining popularity among celebrities, contributing to its growth.
  • BJJ attracts business executives and wealthy individuals as a hobby that allows them to engage in combat sports without the risk of brain damage.
  • Success in BJJ often requires intense focus and a certain level of autism, as social skills can hinder physical performance.
  • Steroids play a significant role in the sport, boosting confidence and enabling those with poor social skills to dominate.
  • The speaker shares a unique experience in Japan, encountering a vending machine selling used underwear, including those with period blood, and struggling to dispose of it due to a terrorist attack.
  • Training in BJJ can result in a foul smell, leading to teammates avoiding close contact, and the speaker suggests using a mosquito-killing device to deter people from approaching them.
  • The speaker jokes about using a claim of having HIV as the ultimate test of people's commitment to rolling with them and mentions subbing Craig Jones and contracting HIV in Thailand as memorable experiences from their travels.

Craig’s NonProfit Tournament (00:12:09)

  • Craig Jones and his team established a non-profit organization for their grappling competition, donating proceeds to charitable causes chosen by the participating athletes.
  • The anonymous donor funding the competition prefers to remain private to avoid excessive requests for money.
  • Jones criticized the ADCC competition for not increasing prize money despite the sport's growth and streaming revenue, leading some grapplers, like the Tacker Brothers, to choose the Craig Jones Invitational over ADCC.
  • Jones and Red Rose announced their upcoming $1 million winner-take-all grappling event, streamed free on YouTube, with no second-place prize.
  • Concerns were raised about the risk of injury due to the high stakes and the limited earning window for athletes in the sport.
  • Jones and Rose discussed the noble intentions of some athletes, like the Tacker Brothers, who aim to use the prize money to support their families, while emphasizing the importance of maintaining the event's legitimacy and preventing uncompetitive behavior.

Why Craig is Fighting a Female (00:22:08)

  • Craig Jones will face 11-time world champion female grappler Gabi Garcia in a grappling match for a $1 million prize.
  • The match will consist of three five-minute rounds with a one-minute break and will be held in a rectangular arena inspired by Karate Combat's "pit."
  • The rules have been modified to appeal to MMA audiences, with points scored based on the traditional Jiu-Jitsu scoring system and a four-point differential represented as MMA scoring.
  • Jones acknowledges that Garcia is stronger than him and outside of his weight category but is motivated to do the match for charity and noble purposes.
  • The fight will take place on August 16th or 17th.

Getting People to Compete (00:27:41)

  • Craig Jones used his editorial ability to lure people into competing rather than going for a trial-style selection process.
  • To emphasize the legitimacy of the event, Jones involved trustworthy individuals like the Tackett brothers, Nikki Ryan, Joseph Chen, Nikki Rod, Luke Rockhold, William and Andrew Tackett, and Fon Davies.
  • Despite the limited interest in Brazilian jiu-jitsu itself, Jones believes that drama, rivalries, and character creation can make the sport more compelling and intriguing.
  • Jones sees competition as a positive force that drives both events to contribute more.
  • Jones is in constant communication, explaining the rules and proving the legitimacy of the event to potential competitors.
  • The offer of a million dollars has attracted the attention of even those who previously disliked Jones.
  • Jones acknowledges that the event has high stakes and compares a potential failure to the infamous Fyre Festival.
  • Billy McFarland, the founder of the Fyre Festival, is revealed to be the event organizer for Karate Combat, where he is scheduled to have a fight.
  • Jones confirms that Billy McFarland is the person funding the event.
  • Jones expresses his willingness to let Gordon Ryan compete in his event, even offering him the custom gold CG Jones Invitational ring to kiss.
  • Jones suggests a potential super fight between himself and Gordon Ryan, considering it a bigger match than the one with Gabi Garcia.
  • Jones highlights the event as a step towards gender equality, promoting the idea of a "Battle of the Sexes" to generate mainstream attention.

Gordon Ryan’s Influence on the Sport (00:31:23)

  • Gordon Ryan, a dominant figure in grappling, faces health issues and controversies.
  • Craig Jones finds Gordon's reactions to jokes entertaining and sees him as a source of amusement.
  • Gordon Ryan and John Danaher have significantly influenced Jiu-Jitsu culture, promoting no-gi and introducing new techniques.
  • John Danaher's unique personality, teaching style, and students' success have established an influential "empire" in the sport.
  • Despite his eccentricities and injuries, Danaher's students' achievements validate his methods.
  • Gordon Ryan's continued dominance in ADCC could potentially undermine the competition's legitimacy.
  • Craig Jones believes Gordon will still participate in ADCC despite the risks.
  • The emergence of new prestigious grappling events raises concerns among athletes who fear their accomplishments may be overshadowed.
  • Resistance often arises when new events offer athletes more choices.
  • Even Gordon Ryan's mother expressed worries about the impact of new events on ADCC's prestige.
  • Craig Jones suggests that a tournament's prestige may be at risk if its own athletes' mothers feel compelled to defend it.

Philosophy of Life-Changing Money (00:37:09)

  • The decision to leave a prestigious lineage for a $1 million prize raises questions about the true meaning of prestige and lineage in the sport.
  • Brazilian athletes face disadvantages due to language barriers and visa restrictions, limiting their earning potential in lucrative markets.
  • The lack of business and marketing skills further hinders Brazilian athletes' ability to capitalize on their success.
  • For Gordon Ryan, a million dollars may not be as significant as it is for Brazilian athletes, who could potentially change their families' lives with such an amount.
  • The grappling event will have three five-minute rounds, followed by a final five-minute round, similar to UFC-style rules.
  • There will be 16 competitors per division, and each competitor must win four matches to win the tournament.
  • The event organizer intends to test all athletes for performance-enhancing drugs, except for himself.
  • Gabby Garcia, a prominent female grappler, has been criticized for fighting an elderly opponent in Japan.

What it Takes to Be a BJJ Champion (00:43:34)

  • Steroid use in BJJ may impact sponsorships due to negative associations with drug-related sports.
  • Craig Jones reveals his high blood pressure, raising concerns for Joe Rogan.
  • Despite his limited stamina, Jones argues that financial compensation alone cannot resolve the issue.
  • Jones endorses Momentus, a high-quality protein supplement brand, during the sponsored episode.
  • Jones emphasizes the strategic nature of BJJ, highlighting the importance of the right approach, skill set, opponent selection, and rule set for success without excessive effort.
  • Many BJJ practitioners are cerebral and engage in cognitive tasks and strategies, leading to intricate breakdowns and analyses of the sport.
  • Jones stresses the significance of self-marketing in Jiu-Jitsu, as a larger following enhances leverage with promoters.
  • Jones' Invitational event aims to become an annual occurrence, potentially rivaling the frequency of ADCC.
  • Jones criticizes the lack of transparency in grappling events regarding viewership data and believes his free Invitational event on YouTube will provide valuable insights into the sport's popularity.
  • Jones suggests a correlation between successful instructional sales and fan interest in watching athletes compete, indicating that popular instructionals can drive traffic to competitive events.

Testing for Steroids in BJJ (00:51:15)

  • Craig Jones believes that PED use is prevalent in BJJ due to the lack of financial incentives and the desire for medals and clout. He advocates for full transparency and harm reduction strategies in the sport.
  • Jones uses testosterone and anavar but emphasizes that he takes a relatively low dose and wants to be transparent about his usage to educate others.
  • He warns against the dangers of excessive PED use and criticizes the secrecy surrounding drug use in BJJ, which leads to individuals seeking advice from unqualified sources.
  • Some fighters use substances like weed, ketamine, and cocaine before matches, but Jones doesn't consider them to be particularly useful performance enhancers.
  • Steroids are a concern in the sport, especially considering the young age at which some athletes start training.

From Competitor to Organiser (00:56:35)

  • Craig Jones discusses his transition from competitor to event organizer and the responsibilities that come with it.
  • He mentions turning down sponsorships to maintain authenticity and using controversial instructional titles, such as "False Reap Accusations" and "Balls to the Wall".
  • Jones shares his observations from being around UFC athletes and the level of professionalism they exhibit.
  • He highlights the financial advantages and the comprehensive support teams that UFC athletes have, including managers, striking coaches, wrestling coaches, grappling coaches, nutritionists, and conditioning experts.
  • Jones expresses his admiration for Islam Makhachev as an athlete and his desire to see him compete in a grappling match.

MMA Compared to BJJ (01:00:36)

  • Craig Jones is organizing a grappling tournament and believes UFC fighters like Luke Rockhold can showcase surprising grappling skills.
  • Jones emphasizes the physical and psychological challenges of MMA, sharing his intense experience cornering a UFC fight for the first time.
  • He acknowledges that even seemingly invincible fighters like Khabib Nurmagomedov face the risk of injury or defeat in the sport.
  • Jones stresses the importance of emotional reflection for cornermen after fights, considering the impact of their advice on the fighter's well-being.
  • Turkish oil wrestling is an ancient sport involving oiled wrestlers using various grips, including finger slips in the ass, and may pose a higher injury risk compared to ADCC.
  • Element is a sugar-free, coloring-free, and artificial ingredient-free electrolyte drink mix that offers a free sample pack of all eight flavors with any box purchase.

Being on the Frontline of War (01:08:35)

  • Craig Jones traveled to Ukraine, a country affected by the ongoing conflict, to raise funds for soldiers through seminars.
  • Despite being in a war zone, Ukrainians continued their daily routines, demonstrating resilience in the face of adversity.
  • Jones witnessed the aftermath of a hypersonic missile strike near his hotel, causing significant damage to the area.
  • The speaker draws parallels between the current situation in Ukraine and the Blitz spirit during World War II, highlighting the enduring human spirit in times of adversity.
  • The speaker contrasts the trench warfare in Ukraine with the different nature of conflicts in the Middle East, emphasizing the unique challenges faced by Ukraine.
  • Roman, a Ukrainian man, left his life in France to return and defend his country, inspired by a strong sense of duty and patriotism.
  • The speaker expresses admiration for the bravery and sacrifices of individuals like Roman, whose actions put their own accomplishments in perspective.

Why Craig Visited Chernobyl (01:16:45)

  • Craig Jones and his team visited the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone in Ukraine, which was recently a site of fighting during the Russia-Ukraine war.
  • Despite the dangerous situation and the presence of landmines, Jones gained access to Chernobyl through undisclosed connections and his charity work.
  • Jones and his team unknowingly stirred up radioactive dust while taking photos near the reactor, including the Elephant's Foot, which is considered one of the most radioactive materials on the planet.
  • After leaving the Exclusion Zone, they went through radiation sensor machines to check for contamination.

Joining Ukrainian Firearm Training (01:22:20)

  • Participated in firearm training with Ukrainian troops, including shooting a bazooka and an M60 machine gun.
  • Witnessed soldiers using social media to raise funds and awareness by sharing personal combat footage and creating a public profile.
  • Ukrainian soldiers are innovating in drone technology, using inexpensive drones to attach explosives and destroy Russian tanks.
  • The Ukraine conflict has become less visible due to ongoing events in Gaza.
  • Ukrainian female influencers were recruited to create TikTok videos explaining how to operate abandoned Russian tanks.
  • Social media plays a significant role in warfare, influencing public opinion and serving as a propaganda tool.

How Ukrainians Viewed Craig (01:26:31)

  • Craig Jones visited Ukraine during a period of uncertainty regarding US funding for Ukraine's defense.
  • Despite this uncertainty, Ukrainians remained optimistic, believing the US would honor its commitment to protecting Ukraine's borders.
  • Jones was impressed by Kyiv's beauty and the resilience of the Ukrainian people.
  • He expressed concern about the potential consequences of the US not providing weapons to Ukraine, particularly for frontline troops.
  • Jones feels a strong emotional attachment to the people he met in Ukraine and worries about their safety.
  • He believes that any peace agreements should consider the devastation caused by the Russian invasion, as exemplified by the destruction in Mariupol.
  • The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine is deeply personal for many Ukrainians, who are determined to fight for their land and freedom, even with limited resources.
  • Russia's invasion has resulted in significant casualties, with estimates suggesting half a million Russian deaths in two years.
  • The war has caused immense destruction in Ukrainian cities due to relentless shelling and bombing.
  • The news cycle's focus has shifted away from the Ukraine-Russia conflict, with other conflicts like the Palestine-Israel conflict gaining more attention.
  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of focusing on one political issue at a time, given the public's limited attention span.

Why Craig Finds Kazakhstan Interesting (01:34:37)

  • Craig Jones and his team traveled to Kazakhstan to film a documentary about a dangerous traditional sport called "cocka," where horsemen compete to pick up a headless goat or sheep and throw it into a designated area for a cash prize.
  • During filming, Jones had a tense experience when a drunk stuntman accidentally took him into the center of the cocka pit instead of the edge, causing some riders to get angry and a mass of horses to charge towards him.
  • Kazakhstan is currently experiencing a women's rights movement due to significant women's rights issues, including a highly publicized case of a politician who beat his wife to death and faced legal challenges despite video evidence.
  • The country has strict laws that favor husbands, allowing them to receive only two weeks of imprisonment for provoking their wives.
  • A film called "Duster" shed light on the harsh realities faced by women in smaller towns in Kazakhstan and became the highest-grossing Kazakh film ever made.

What Motivates Craig? (01:41:04)

  • Craig Jones uses his Jiu-Jitsu connections to travel the world, gain unique experiences, do charity work, and create content.
  • BJJ tends to be a sport for affluent individuals, providing access and advantages in various situations.
  • While in Ukraine, Jones received gifts from soldiers, including a knife made from a destroyed Russian tank.
  • Attempting to cross into Europe with a Cold War-era bayonet led to a 9-10 hour border negotiation, resulting in the confiscation of the bayonet but allowing Jones to keep the Russian tank knife.
  • The police chief who gave Jones the knife is a hero in Ukraine, having defended the Donetsk airport during the 2014 conflict.
  • Jones emphasizes the importance of cultural awareness and encourages people to travel and experience different cultures, citing his positive experiences in Thailand and the Philippines.
  • He shares an amusing anecdote about recruiting ladyboys to wake up his friend as a punishment for going to bed early, highlighting the importance of having fun and making memories.

Where Craig Wants to Go Next (01:48:18)

  • Craig plans to go to Ukraine for a charity seminar for the police as a thank you for helping him during his previous visit.
  • He booked the seminar before the Invitational tournament, but he would have postponed it if it was during winter due to the harsh weather conditions.
  • Craig enjoys visiting various countries and training with local gyms.
  • He mentions a story about a friend who was robbed in Barcelona and found help from a local CrossFit gym, highlighting the global network and support within niche sports communities.
  • Craig discusses a potential grappling match against a woman for a $1 million prize.
  • He expresses his excitement about the challenge and the opportunity to showcase his skills against a female opponent.
  • Craig acknowledges the potential criticism and backlash he may face for competing against a woman but emphasizes that it's a sport and he respects his opponent's abilities.
  • He believes that such a match would generate significant attention and interest in the grappling world.

The Next Leaders in BJJ (01:52:26)

  • The current generation of BJJ competitors will soon be replaced by a new generation of dominant fighters.
  • Younger fighters like Mikey Galva, the Ruotolo Brothers, and Doran are already showing exceptional skills and achieving success in the lighter weight divisions.
  • The next generation of BJJ fighters has already arrived and is making an impact in the sport.
  • G Jiu-Jitsu is not dead, but it lacks the personalities and marketability of no-gi BJJ.
  • Grappling is harder to attract non-participants to watch compared to striking-based combat sports.
  • No-gi BJJ is considered more easily digestible and appealing to a wider audience than G Jiu-Jitsu.

The Risks of Running the Tournament (01:55:19)

  • Craig Jones and his team are planning a combat sports event called "Combat Jiu-Jitsu Invitational" (CGI) with a $1 million prize and a total budget of $3 million.
  • Jones emphasizes transparency in event finances and aims to challenge the industry norm by demonstrating that a high-quality event can be produced on a relatively modest budget.
  • The venue, Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, has been secured for under $200,000 for two days.
  • Jones expresses a desire to use the Fair Fight Foundation to support and promote Jiu-Jitsu in underprivileged countries, inspired by the late Anthony Bourdain.
  • The content captured during these visits will be used to grow traffic and may be shown before or during events.

Where to Find Craig (02:01:21)

  • Craig Jones's Instagram: @craigjonesbjj
  • Fair Fight Foundation website
  • Tickets for the event will be on sale on the UNLV Thomas and Mac Event Center page around the 31st.
  • Follow Jiu-Jitsu on social media for updates.
  • Craig Jones is fighting a woman for $1 million.
  • The fight is scheduled for March 5th.
  • The opponent is a professional boxer named Layla McCarter.
  • Craig Jones is confident he will win the fight.
  • Craig Jones discusses the ongoing war in Ukraine.
  • He expresses his support for the Ukrainian people.
  • He encourages people to donate to charities that are helping Ukrainians.

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