“I Saw My Death Coming” MrBallen’s Insane Story Of Getting Hit By A Grenade

“I Saw My Death Coming” MrBallen’s Insane Story Of Getting Hit By A Grenade

Deployment to Afghanistan

  • A former Navy SEAL shares his experience of being deployed to Afghanistan.
  • He describes his initial impressions of the country and the intensity of his first combat experience.
  • He emphasizes the high level of training and coordination within SEAL teams, which gives them an edge in combat situations.

Mission in Zargar

  • The speaker recounts a specific mission in a village called Zargar, where they encountered heavy resistance from insurgents.
  • Despite the challenges, the SEAL team persevered and managed to survive the encounter.
  • The speaker reflects on the frustrations of the deployment and the challenges of operating in an unfamiliar and hostile environment.

Close-Quarters Gunfight in Iraq

  • A group of Navy SEALs, including the narrator, were sent to investigate military-aged males spotted near their exfiltration point in Iraq.
  • They realized the Ms were much closer than anticipated and armed with grenades with the pins already pulled.
  • The SEAL team leader made the decision to engage, and a close-quarters gunfight ensued.
  • The narrator witnessed grenades being thrown over the wall by the Ms, one of which landed on his shoulder and fell to the ground.
  • In a moment of time dilation, he experienced a sense of calm and hoped the grenade would not blow up his head.
  • The grenade eventually detonated, sending shrapnel into the narrator and his team members.
  • Years later, the narrator spoke to the teammate who saved his life and learned the accurate details of the event, which differed from his own recollections due to the trauma of the situation.

Grenade Blast Injury in Afghanistan

  • The narrator recounts an incident in Afghanistan where he was severely injured by a grenade blast while on a mission.
  • Despite his injuries, he managed to survive and was rescued by his medic.
  • A danger close air strike was called in to neutralize the threat, which also resulted in unintended casualties among the local fighters.
  • The narrator reflects on the chaotic nature of the situation and the challenges he faced in the aftermath of the incident.
  • He mentions the lack of immediate pain due to shock and the subsequent physical and emotional recovery process.
  • The narrator also discusses the difficulty in talking about the specifics of the incident with his medic, who had also been present during the event.


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