The Harsh Truths Young Men Need To Hear - Hamza Ahmed

The Harsh Truths Young Men Need To Hear - Hamza Ahmed

The Dangers of Monk Mode (00:00:00)

  • Monk mode, an intensive period of self-improvement, can lead to social skill detachment and a lack of real-world experience.
  • Balancing self-improvement with social experiences is crucial to avoid becoming socially awkward.
  • Criticizing things like money and beautiful women is often a result of insecurity and a lack of personal experience.
  • Personal development requires stepping out of one's comfort zone and engaging with others in real-world experiences.
  • Social skills and relationship knowledge gained from books cannot compare to practical experiences.
  • Expressing emotions and vulnerability, even if it goes against societal expectations of masculinity, can be beneficial for personal growth.
  • Young men need to be aware of the harsh truths of life in order to grow and mature.
  • Honesty with oneself and others about feelings and experiences is important for personal growth.

Should Young Guys Integrate Their Emotions More? (00:08:13)

  • Men should find disciplined ways to express their emotions without resorting to violence or bottling them up.
  • Openness with a partner should come from a position of strength and power, not neediness.
  • Men should strive to be honest and truthful with their partners, even when it involves expressing uncomfortable emotions or concerns.
  • Expressing emotions and being vulnerable in a relationship is crucial for personal growth and compatibility.
  • Authenticity and vulnerability are important traits in a relationship, and conveying genuine feelings can lead to transformative moments and self-discovery.
  • Emotional integration and mutual support are essential for a fulfilling partnership.
  • To build a long-term, compatible relationship, men need to be vulnerable and express their feelings to their partners.

The Red Pill Converting to Monogamy (00:17:12)

  • Former red pill influencers, such as Dan Bilzerian, Christian Hudson, Neil Strauss, Rolo Tomassi, and Tucker Max, are now advocating for marriage and long-term relationships after undergoing personal transformations.
  • The red pill journey, which starts with overcoming social awkwardness and inexperience with women, can lead to disillusionment and a desire for monogamy and a "good girl."
  • Hamza Ahmed believes that many men have been misled about women and that the red pill movement reveals the darker aspects of feminine nature.
  • Men who grew up in challenging environments may develop an insatiable need for intimacy due to inconsistent love received during childhood, which can be addressed through self-work, therapy, and introspection.
  • Hamza Ahmed criticizes certain life philosophies, such as the "monk mode" trend, that reinforce existing biases and suggests that chasing external validation through wealth and status may amplify existing tendencies.

Advice to a 16-Year-Old Guy (00:24:31)

  • Experiment with different experiences to discover your preferences and what works best for you.
  • Avoid overthinking and over-planning your life at a young age; experimentation is a valuable learning tool.
  • Don't become overly reliant on routines and self-tracking devices; they can lead to rigidity and a lack of resilience.
  • The most successful people in history prioritized a consistent routine that allowed for quality sleep, but they also embraced occasional missed sleep and used it productively.
  • Optimizing every aspect of your life can lead to fragility and a lack of resilience.
  • Binge drinking or a bad night's sleep won't derail your progress if you periodize and reintegrate activities in a manageable way.
  • Many men struggle with the concept of balance and moderation.

What Young Guys Are Actually Struggling With (00:28:59)

  • Young men are struggling to find like-minded peers who share their interests in self-improvement and healthy living.
  • Many young men are preoccupied with physical appearance and seek validation on social media platforms like Tinder and Instagram.
  • The "TikTok boy" stereotype has become a prevalent standard of attractiveness, causing anxiety and self-consciousness among young men who don't conform to this ideal.
  • Young men often have unrealistic expectations about what women find attractive, influenced by social media and the portrayal of feminine-looking men as desirable.
  • Women over the age of 22-23 tend to prefer men with different qualities than those portrayed in popular media.

How to Look Attractive (00:33:47)

  • For teenagers, building muscle mass and achieving a low body fat percentage are essential for physical attractiveness. The "Tik Tok boy" look, with its fluffy hair, lean physique, and fashionable clothing, is currently popular among teenage girls. Social media presence and a large following can also enhance a teenager's attractiveness.
  • Men in their early 20s who want to attract older women should adopt a more primal, masculine appearance, with shorter hair, a thicker neck, and a larger body size with a slightly higher body fat percentage.
  • The ideal "Intellectual Chad" archetype combines physical attractiveness with intellectual depth and a charismatic personality.
  • Hamza Ahmed emphasizes the importance of identifying and leaning into one's competitive advantage based on personal predispositions and interests, rather than seeking validation through external achievements.
  • Ahmed suggests that swimming downstream, rather than upstream, can lead to a quicker and easier path to achieving one's goals. He criticizes the inauthenticity of certain online personas and suggests a more genuine approach to attracting a partner.

Why Are We Obsessed With Looks? (00:39:56)

  • Male body dysmorphia is expected to surpass female body dysmorphia in the coming decades due to societal pressures for men to be more feminine.
  • Younger men are embracing feminine traits and behaviors, as seen in their social media content, particularly on platforms like Instagram.
  • The #MeToo movement and women's concerns about aggressive men may contribute to this shift in male behavior.
  • Women taking birth control may experience changes in sexual desire and attraction, impacting their relationships with men.
  • Men and women experience hormones differently, with men experiencing short bursts and women being more emotionally influenced.
  • Andrew Tate resonates with young men who don't conform to the "super pretty boy" TikTok trend by expressing their unspoken thoughts and desires.
  • Every cultural movement has a countercultural counterpart.
  • Tate's popularity can be viewed as a response to the "Fanboy" trend among teenage boys.

The Lifestyle of a Content Creator (00:46:40)

  • The life cycle of a content creator who goes viral can be compared to the experience of being the "hot guy" in the gym. They receive a lot of attention and validation when popular, but as their popularity declines, they may feel anxious and insecure.
  • The constant pursuit of validation from the audience can lead to emotional instability and a lack of focus on personal growth and fulfillment.
  • Young people today often aspire to become content creators or influencers, relying on external validation from social media, which can lead to a fragile sense of self-worth.
  • Success in content creation can be fleeting, and those who rise quickly can also fall quickly.

Regretting Playing the Dopamine Game (00:51:44)

  • Hamza regrets making heavily edited, high dopamine videos that prioritize entertainment over providing meaningful content.
  • He feels that such videos contribute to people's poor attention spans and worsen their dopamine response.
  • Hamza acknowledges that using inflammatory titles and thumbnails can attract viewers, but emphasizes the importance of providing valuable insights and meaningful content.
  • Hamza advises against being too harsh on oneself for past actions and encourages self-reflection and fact-checking to gain a clearer perspective.
  • He cautions against blindly believing one's own convictions and emphasizes the importance of questioning and verifying one's beliefs.
  • Hamza suggests considering alternative viewpoints and angles when evaluating past actions or decisions.

Finding Out Who Hamza Really Is (00:56:11)

  • Hamza Ahmed reflects on his journey as a content creator and the impact of fame and attention on his identity and values.
  • He emphasizes the importance of authenticity and warns against being overly influenced by external opinions and expectations.
  • Hamza advises young men to approach life with an experimental mindset, embrace vulnerability, and focus on personal growth rather than seeking constant validation from others.
  • Authenticity is crucial for personal growth and fulfillment, and people should strive to connect with their accomplishments on a deeper level.
  • Being open about one's struggles and insecurities can create a deeper connection with others, and it is important to be honest and express one's true opinions, even if they may not be popular.
  • The younger generation is asking important questions about personal development and self-improvement at an earlier age compared to previous generations.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself (01:10:47)

  • Ask yourself questions about what you would do if money and status were not important.
  • Consider what makes you truly happy and what your definition of success is, excluding money and followers.
  • Identify the things you are hiding from yourself and the emotions you are unprepared to feel.
  • Reflect on the things that cause you the most shame and guilt.
  • According to Dr. Robert Glover, an attractive man has a mission, knows where he is going, and is having fun while pursuing his goals.
  • Embodying what you spend your time doing and integrating it into yourself is essential.

Do Young Men Understand Authenticity? (01:14:16)

  • Authenticity is crucial in relationships, and individuals should not compromise their true selves to please others.
  • While being authentic, it is important to present oneself in a respectful and attractive manner, avoiding extremes of being overly charming or completely relaxed.
  • Maintaining self-improvement and putting in effort is essential to avoid feelings of inadequacy and maintain a positive self-perception.
  • Long-term relationships can create a strong emotional attachment in women, making it unlikely that they will end a relationship solely due to physical changes.

Ageing Gracefully as a Man (01:23:30)

  • Men do not have a healthy culture around teaching them how to age gracefully.
  • Unlike women, men's value is not tied to their youth and fertility.
  • Men often derive their self-worth from physical attributes like strength, leanness, and speed, which decline with age.
  • This can lead to a crisis of self-worth as men age.
  • A serious injury can force men to find their self-worth from something other than their physical appearance.
  • Looks are a depreciating asset, while the mind is an appreciating asset.
  • Men should invest their self-worth in things that will appreciate over time, such as their knowledge and skills.
  • Aging is inevitable, and men should accept and embrace it rather than fighting against it.

Having Difficult Family Conversations (01:27:26)

  • Hamza Ahmed stresses the importance of expressing gratitude and love to family members while they are still alive, especially as parents age, to avoid regrets and ensure mutual understanding.
  • MDMA-facilitated therapy can be beneficial in repairing strained relationships, but it requires emotional preparation and support.
  • Young people should prioritize gratitude and open communication with their families to improve family relationships.
  • Writing gratitude letters to family members can help acknowledge their sacrifices and efforts, strengthening relationships.
  • Despite parental sacrifices, young men may still experience resentment and guilt due to unmet emotional needs and negative external influences.
  • It's important to recognize and appreciate parental sacrifices while addressing their impact on personal growth and emotional well-being.
  • Resentment and gratitude can coexist, and emotional maturity involves holding contradicting emotions simultaneously.

What is the Definition of Success? (01:36:15)

  • Young men should consider a more balanced approach to success that includes emotional well-being and relationships, rather than solely chasing money and business success.
  • Periodizing commitments allows individuals to determine if certain pursuits align with their goals and values without feeling locked in.
  • Hamza Ahmed discusses the challenges of transitioning from a hands-on role to an executive position and emphasizes the importance of finding fulfillment beyond external validation.
  • Hamza suggests asking oneself questions to identify what truly brings fulfillment, such as "If money was no object, what would I do with my time?" and "When do I feel the most genuinely connected?"
  • Hamza emphasizes the difference between activities that bring temporary pleasure ("dopamine George") and those that bring genuine happiness and fulfillment ("serotonin George").
  • Physical activity, especially with friends, and goofy conversations can help bring out one's authentic self.
  • Finding activities that allow one to lose themselves and connect with others, such as trying new restaurants or playing pickleball, is important for personal well-being.
  • It's important to find a balance between the pursuit of success and personal well-being, as life is unpredictable and uncertain.

How to Articulate Your Thoughts Better (01:45:22)

  • To enhance communication skills, practice speaking precisely and clearly.
  • Record and review fake podcasts with a friend to identify areas for improvement.
  • Learn from effective communicators like Jordan Peterson and Alain de Botton by immersing yourself in their content.
  • Focus on reducing the gap between thoughts and speech for a natural flow of communication.
  • Pay attention to the speaking styles of precise speakers like Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan, and Sam Harris, noting their cadence, pauses, body language, and emphasis.
  • Immerse yourself in the content of admired creators and learn from their techniques.
  • Consider taking an improv class to overcome social anxiety and improve quick thinking.

Where to Find Hamza (01:52:02)

  • Search for "Hamza" on social media to find him.
  • He is the most well-known Hamza on the internet.

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