The Reality Of What It Takes To Become A Better Man - Jimmy Rex

The Reality Of What It Takes To Become A Better Man - Jimmy Rex

Overcomplicating Masculinity (00:00:00)

  • Focus on taking action and being a good person rather than engaging in endless debates about morality and doing good.
  • Prioritize enjoying life and being happy with yourself instead of striving for perfection or following rigid self-improvement guidelines.
  • A healthy man should provide a sense of security and support to his loved ones, both physically and financially, and should not be a liability to them.
  • Masculinity is about being authentic, confident, and comfortable in one's own skin, rather than trying to impress others or conform to external standards.

Feeling Safe as Men & Women (00:07:10)

  • Men and women have different emotional needs: men need to feel grounded and secure, while women need to feel safe and free.
  • Feeling safe and secure are essential for emotional well-being.
  • Vulnerability is a powerful trait, but it must be balanced with masculinity to maintain attraction.
  • Authenticity and vulnerability are crucial for experiencing genuine love.
  • Creating relationships where you can be completely yourself without fear of judgment is essential for personal growth and well-being.
  • True freedom comes from being vulnerable and expressing your true self without worrying about negative consequences.

Most Common Struggles of Men (00:12:00)

  • Jimmy Rex conducts exercises to help men overcome insecurities, such as creating a "badass list" of accomplishments and encouraging them to share their achievements in a supportive environment.
  • Rex's interactions with inmates and entrepreneurs revealed shared experiences and struggles, leading him to develop a game that promotes vulnerability and understanding among participants.
  • Rex emphasizes the significance of acknowledging personal struggles and negative emotions for personal growth and stronger relationships.
  • Through a transformative experience involving a 400-foot cliff jump, Rex assists men in overcoming bad habits, negative relationships, and limiting beliefs, resulting in positive personal and relationship changes.
  • The program highlights the importance of vulnerability, authenticity, and integrity in fostering trust and genuine love among individuals, creating a strong bond and a sense of being truly seen and loved.

Is Shame Harmful? (00:20:35)

  • Shame often stems from the belief in one's inherent flaws or unworthiness.
  • Religion can contribute to shame by emphasizing the need for salvation and repentance.
  • Recognizing failure as a natural part of growth and learning can help reduce shame.
  • Exposing one's flaws and mistakes can lead to self-acceptance and love.
  • God can be seen as a loving and understanding presence who appreciates both the good and the bad in individuals.
  • Talking about shame and finding supportive listeners can help overcome it, as it thrives in darkness and isolation.
  • Leaning into someone's story can reveal their worthiness of love and acceptance.
  • Shame and the fear of being unlovable can prevent people from connecting with others, as the energy of fear repels those trying to connect.
  • To attract what you want, give it away, as abundance comes from seeing things as abundant and giving them away, rather than holding onto them with scarcity.

Feeling Comfortable in Your Own Skin (00:25:07)

  • True friendship involves being there for someone during their vulnerable moments, demonstrating genuine care and humanity.
  • Serving others and allowing them to reciprocate deepens relationships and fosters a sense of investment and love.
  • Competence is attractive in both men and women, but embracing one's weaknesses is equally important.
  • Men should allow women to contribute and nurture them, as women find fulfillment in doing so.
  • Passionate engagement in one's interests is attractive in women.
  • Men should strive to be confident, playful, and avoid taking themselves too seriously, as this creates a positive and fun atmosphere.
  • Creating memorable experiences for children, such as Easter egg hunts with a helicopter dropping candy, can have a lasting impact on their lives.
  • Being a role model for children, inspiring them to have a playful and enjoyable life, is a fulfilling achievement.

Why So Many People Are Cynical (00:35:08)

  • Humans are hardwired to look for what's wrong as a survival mechanism.
  • This negativity bias leads to a culture of cynicism and a focus on the negative aspects of life.
  • People often downplay others' successes and make mean comments online to avoid confronting their own shortcomings.
  • It's easier to criticize others than to take responsibility for one's own life and make necessary changes.
  • People may cling to victimhood to avoid taking ownership of their own lives and making changes.

Biggest Lessons From Coaching (00:38:16)

  • Personal transformation involves taking a moral stand, changing behavior, having accountability, support, and a strong purpose.
  • Honesty and self-awareness are crucial for acknowledging shortcomings and taking responsibility.
  • Changing behavior requires knowing alternatives and executing what is already known.
  • Accountability, a supportive community, and a strong purpose drive progress and overcome challenges.
  • Mentorship from someone successful in your desired area can provide guidance and support.
  • Seek inspiration from exceptional individuals and build a community of like-minded supporters.
  • Believing in someone more than they believe in themselves, offering uplifting encouragement, and holding them to high standards are essential for growth.
  • Tough love and accountability are sometimes necessary for personal change.

Balancing High Standards & Gratitude (00:46:22)

  • Jimmy Rex emphasizes the importance of finding a balance between high standards and gratitude, using affirmations to overcome negative influences, and shifting from fear-based ambition to love-driven pursuits.
  • Rex dispels the misconception that self-criticism is necessary for drive, arguing that true passion inherently drives individuals, and self-compassion enhances motivation and fulfillment.
  • External achievements and material possessions cannot guarantee inner peace, health, or loving relationships. True fulfillment comes from personal growth, contentment, and meaningful connections.
  • People often create or complicate problems to justify their purpose or existence, as seen in pickleball games, TSA agent scrutiny, group Zoom calls, and police or government agencies.
  • Joe Rogan highlights the homeless problem in California, exacerbated by individuals who don't want to fix it as it justifies their high incomes.

The Role of Fear in a Man’s Life (00:58:39)

  • Fear is a common emotion that can be both a hindrance and a valuable teacher.
  • Overcoming fear involves facing it directly and taking action despite it.
  • Engaging in challenging activities can help individuals develop resilience and overcome their fears.
  • Vulnerability and open communication can improve relationships, such as between a father and son.
  • Confronting fears leads to personal growth and empowerment, making it easier to tackle future challenges.
  • Stepping outside one's comfort zone and embracing fear can lead to achieving desired outcomes and personal fulfillment.
  • Sharing personal struggles and fears, especially those related to past mistakes or traumas, can be difficult but liberating.
  • Creating a safe and supportive environment encourages individuals to open up about their deepest fears and secrets, leading to acceptance and empathy from others.
  • Confronting and sharing hidden fears and vulnerabilities often reveals that they lack real substance and are mostly products of our own minds.
  • Acknowledging and discussing our fears can overcome the shame and isolation associated with them, leading to improved relationships and personal growth.

How Important is Community? (01:04:38)

  • Loneliness is a significant problem, especially for men aged 45 to 55.
  • The speaker believes that being around other humans is beneficial and that men need community.
  • The speaker's program, which helps men build community, received an overwhelming response with 147 applications for 50 spots in just eight hours.
  • The speaker realized the need for such a program after men kept reaching out to him, expressing their desire for a close-knit group of friends like he had.
  • The speaker observed that the younger generation lacks the same level of close friendships due to societal factors and distractions.
  • The speaker's personal experience with lifelong friendships motivated him to start a men's group to help men find community.

How to Be More Decisive (01:08:15)

  • Indecisiveness can lead to more problems than making a decision, even if it turns out to be a bad one.
  • Successful people take action without needing certainty of success.
  • Consistency is key to success, and embracing failure as a learning opportunity is crucial.
  • Trying new things and taking risks can be rewarding and empowering, even if they don't lead to financial success.
  • Hitting rock bottom can be a gift, allowing individuals to realize their resilience and take risks without fear.
  • People often stay in miserable situations due to fear of the unknown and potential failure.
  • Making a decision to change requires letting go of the ego and the things that cause misery.
  • Tony Robbins' decision-making framework considers the past, present, and future costs of a situation.
  • Frontloading pain can lead to greater pleasure and a better life.
  • When making a difficult decision, consider the pain and pleasure associated with it, and imagine the negative consequences of inaction and the positive outcomes of overcoming the challenge.
  • Redefine "making a decision" as taking action towards your goal, rather than just thinking about it.
  • Take immediate action towards your decision, even if it's small, to solidify your commitment.
  • Drinking with friends can break down barriers and egos, but be mindful of the potential for alcohol abuse and address it if necessary.

The Decline of Alcohol Issues (01:19:50)

  • Alcohol consumption among younger people has decreased, while it has increased among women and girls due to targeted marketing.
  • There is a growing awareness of alcohol's negative effects, leading to the popularity of alternative substances like plant medicines and therapy.
  • Alcohol impairs the ability to lie but enhances the ability to detect deception.
  • Coffee houses became popular in the Middle Ages as an alternative to alcohol that enhanced cognition.
  • Cultural perceptions of substances can change over time, as seen with the decline of smoking's popularity.
  • Jimmy Rex, the speaker, shares his personal experience with alcohol and how he avoided dependency until age 34.
  • He believes that alcohol is now viewed negatively, similar to how smoking cigarettes was perceived in the past.
  • Jimmy Rex describes his first time drinking alcohol while on a mission to rescue children from sex trafficking in Latin America.
  • He intentionally got drunk as an experiment, resulting in a blackout and nearly harming himself.
  • Despite this negative experience, Jimmy Rex continued to drink alcohol responsibly, avoiding excessive consumption and negative consequences.
  • He emphasizes the importance of responsible drinking and avoiding dependency.

Advice for Becoming More Present (01:27:14)

  • To cultivate presence and emotional awareness, it is important to intentionally disconnect from distractions, spend time in nature without technology, and practice meditation.
  • The goal should be to "feel more" rather than "feel better," which means allowing oneself to experience and process emotions without masking them with external stimuli.
  • Addictions and vices often stem from attempts to mask underlying emotions, and true healing comes from confronting and processing these emotions rather than avoiding them.
  • Obsessing over not watching porn can make it a bigger issue than it needs to be. To overcome porn addiction, it's important to address the underlying emotional issues that may be driving the addiction, such as sadness or loneliness.

The Stories You Tell Yourself (01:31:38)

  • The author reflects on his past excessive use of substances like cocaine, MDMA, and alcohol in his 20s, acknowledging that he never felt he had a problem and engaged in heavy usage infrequently.
  • He questions his negative associations with certain drugs, particularly cocaine, and proposes that people who have overcome substance abuse haven't truly transcended them until they can reintegrate them on their own terms.
  • The author suggests that overcoming a problem with a substance involves controlling its use rather than abstaining entirely.
  • He reflects on the influence of his religious upbringing and compares it to the challenges faced by recovering addicts.
  • The speaker acknowledges that certain aspects of his past still evoke emotional responses and challenges, despite his efforts to move on and find peace.
  • He highlights the paradoxical nature of absence, where even the absence of something can exert control and influence over a person's thoughts and actions.

Having Devotion in Your Life (01:37:26)

  • To improve, one must focus their attention and fully commit to a chosen area.
  • In relationships, devotion, love, vulnerability, and authenticity are essential for a fulfilling partnership.
  • Mastery in a field requires 20-30 years of dedication, while semi-expertise can be achieved in six months.
  • Identifying what truly matters and aligning actions with those values is crucial.
  • Wisdom, the most important Stoic virtue, guides the use of other virtues and skills toward worthwhile goals.
  • A successful pursuit requires a worthwhile goal that aligns with one's gifts and passions.
  • Work that aligns with natural abilities and has personal significance becomes enjoyable and fulfilling.
  • To identify unique gifts and talents, ask five acquaintances for their perspectives on your qualities.
  • Be open to receiving feedback and recognizing strengths you may not see in yourself. This exercise can boost self-esteem and provide valuable insights into your abilities.

Where to Find Jimmy (01:41:37)

  • Jimmy Rex's main platform is his men's coaching group called "The Weer the Day."
  • His Instagram handle is @MrJimmyRex, where he posts regularly.
  • His new book is out, with a foreword written by Ed Mylett.
  • The book is said to be timely and relevant to society's current needs.
  • The best way to contact Jimmy Rex is through Instagram.
  • A selection of the best clips from the podcast over the last few months is available.

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