Why Most Men Fail To Attract A Quality Woman - Dr Robert Glover

Why Most Men Fail To Attract A Quality Woman - Dr Robert Glover

Believe Your Needs Are Important (00:00:00)

  • Many men fail to attract quality women because they prioritize others' needs over their own, a behavior rooted in childhood experiences with inconsistent or incompetent caretakers.
  • Seeking partners with troubled lives in the belief that "fixing" them will lead to their own needs being met is an ineffective strategy.
  • Finding competent and willing partners is a better approach to getting one's needs met.
  • Men may resist expressing their needs due to a romanticized notion of self-sufficiency and a fear of appearing needy.
  • Younger men, in particular, tend to isolate themselves emotionally and socially, relying on the internet for social connections and avoiding real-life interactions, which hinders their ability to form nurturing relationships.
  • This isolation leads to loneliness, depression, and various health issues.
  • Men often blame external factors like women, society, or culture for their isolation and lack of success, but they need to take agency and overcome their challenges.

How to Make Your Needs a Priority (00:08:40)

  • Prioritize your own needs and practice self-care before trying to give to others.
  • Avoid covert contracts and be clear about your needs; don't expect others to read your mind.
  • Invest in yourself, whether it's buying new clothes, going to the dentist, or hiring a nutrition coach.
  • Prioritizing yourself is not selfish; it allows you to have a full bucket and give more to others.
  • Children who receive consistent attention and responsiveness from their parents internalize the belief that they are valuable and their needs are important.
  • To overcome negative beliefs, individuals need to prioritize their own needs, surround themselves with supportive people, and engage in cooperative relationships.
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Rewriting Deeply-Set Patterns (00:18:22)

  • Overcoming resistance to change requires support, accountability, and guidance from others who have successfully navigated similar journeys.
  • Establishing routines that challenge habitual patterns can be difficult, and individuals often revert to familiar behaviors without conscious awareness.
  • Cultivating an attitude of gratitude can positively impact emotional well-being, even amidst significant life challenges and changes.
  • To change habits, consistency over time is necessary, and it may take longer than 21 days to change ingrained habits.
  • Surrounding yourself with a supportive network and regularly checking in with them can help maintain consistency and prevent slipping back into old patterns.
  • Becoming the observer of self allows you to notice when you have impulses to deviate from your new habits.

Preventing a Critical Inner Voice (00:26:05)

  • Ruminating brains, which can be inherited or caused by trauma, often coexist with ADHD and addictive tendencies.
  • Ruminating brains tend to dwell on the past, creating revisionist histories and comparing themselves to arbitrary standards, leading to feelings of inadequacy.
  • Rumination can cause people to get stuck in a cycle of inaction, isolation, and negative self-perception.
  • Mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral therapy can help individuals step out of the ruminating cycle and become observers of their thoughts rather than believers.
  • Many men measure their self-worth based on their success with women, leading to feelings of inadequacy if they perceive themselves as unsuccessful.

Believing the Story You Tell Yourself (00:35:43)

  • The reticular activating system filters out irrelevant information, leading to confirmation bias and a skewed perception of reality.
  • Our interpretation of experiences is shaped by the stories we tell ourselves about them, influencing our emotional responses.
  • Labeling and contextualizing experiences can significantly impact our emotional responses.
  • Making positive changes requires self-love and focusing on positive aspects rather than self-criticism and shame.
  • People tend to be overly critical of themselves, setting unrealistic standards that are unknown to others.
  • Type A individuals may have an internal "Taskmaster" driving them to meet unrealistic expectations, leading to feelings of inadequacy.
  • External scrutiny can motivate type B individuals to perform better, while type A individuals may use it as an excuse to avoid challenges.
  • Focusing on what others don't know about our potential achievements can lead to disappointment and inadequacy.

Men Need to Step Outside of the Cycle (00:45:13)

  • Matthew Hussey and Dr. Glover suggest that many people struggle to believe they deserve moments of joy and peace without constant productivity.
  • Taking regular breaks, such as siestas, can significantly enhance productivity and overall well-being.
  • Assigning a daily 30-minute period of "meticulously doing nothing" during challenges helps individuals recharge and become more productive.
  • Striving for success should not come at the expense of one's happiness and well-being.
  • Chronic shame is a significant factor in people's behavior and decision-making.
  • Setting lofty goals can trigger oppositional defiance, hindering productivity.
  • True productivity comes from engaging in activities that are enjoyable and naturally interesting.
  • Dr. Glover's consistent productivity stems from focusing on his strengths and delegating tasks he dislikes.
  • Creating an environment that supports desired behaviors can enhance consistency.

Having a Puritan View of Hard Work (00:55:25)

  • Hard work alone may not always be the most efficient or effective approach to solving problems or achieving success.
  • Smart hard work, which involves working efficiently and strategically, is more likely to lead to desired outcomes.
  • Societies may promote the value of hard work as a means of control, keeping people focused on their labor and preventing them from challenging authority.
  • The idea of a slave master existing within individuals drives them to work excessively, believing it's their choice and purpose.
  • Instead of waiting for a distant future, individuals should strive to incorporate elements of their best day into their present daily lives.
  • Seneca's quote emphasizes the importance of demanding the best for oneself and making personal well-being a priority.

The Cause of Nice Guy Syndrome (01:03:10)

  • Seeking women's approval in the dating scene is counterproductive and unrealistic.
  • Focusing on self-approval and the approval of male peers through integrity, authenticity, and values leads to actions that attract women.
  • Acting to seek women's approval often turns them off.
  • Asking people to give something of themselves, known as "reciprocal altruism," increases the likelihood that they will think well of you.

What it Really Means to Be an Alpha (01:09:07)

  • Men should focus on living a fulfilling life and developing their social skills rather than trying to impress women with pickup techniques.
  • Women are attracted to confident, self-sufficient men with a sense of purpose.
  • Avoid chasing women who have shown disinterest and be open to all possibilities.
  • Pay attention to emotional messages and use "tests for interest" to gauge a person's level of interest.
  • Women notice details like grooming and overall appearance.
  • Many women find it confusing when men don't approach them after showing interest.
  • Men should prioritize taking risks and making genuine connections over approval-seeking behavior.

Do Women Need to Be More Receptive? (01:21:29)

  • Women should clearly signal their interest to men they are attracted to, but the #MeToo movement has made men hesitant to approach women due to the fear of false accusations.
  • Pickup artistry and approaching women solely based on physical attractiveness are disrespectful and invasive, as they disregard women's safety and perspective.
  • Men tend to prioritize physical attractiveness when choosing a partner, but focusing on a woman's competence and skills is a better approach to finding a suitable partner.
  • The current social climate creates fear and uncertainty for both men and women when initiating romantic interactions, leading to fewer relationships and intimacy.
  • Men are constantly exposed to images of beautiful women through social media and pornography, which can lead to unrealistic expectations and dissatisfaction with potential partners.
  • Men may hesitate to commit to a relationship due to the fear of missing out on potentially "better" options.
  • Women thrive on attention and praise, which social media provides in abundance, making it challenging for them to commit to one man.
  • Confidence in men creates a chemical reaction in women's brains similar to physical attraction.
  • To appear more confident, men should be socially interactive, engage in conversations, and be comfortable in their own skin.
  • Living a purposeful life, having a clear direction, and embracing opportunities make men attractive to all aspects of life, including women.
  • Being uninhibited, not holding back, and having a "yes" mentality makes one attractive to women.
  • Engaging with people, rather than being rich or good-looking, makes a significant difference in attracting others.

How to Successfully Use Online Dating (01:36:41)

  • To attract quality women, men should be playful, exciting, and uninhibited, creating a fun and adventurous atmosphere.
  • Many women today may suppress their feminine desires due to living in a masculine world, so men should tap into their feminine essence to offer a sense of escape and adventure.
  • Men should approach women and engage them in conversation without fear, being outcome agnostic and open to different outcomes.
  • Dr. Robert Glover emphasizes the importance of accepting and surrendering to difficult situations, practicing outcome agnosticism to live a more fulfilling life with excitement and curiosity.

Dating After Breaking Up or Divorcing (01:47:55)

  • To attract a quality partner, focus on developing social skills and learning to connect with people.
  • End relationships promptly when you realize the person is not a good fit, rather than staying in them out of fear of loneliness or missing out.
  • Clearly communicate your intentions to potential partners, especially if you're not seeking a serious relationship.
  • Some women engage in sexual activities early on, despite knowing a man is seeing multiple partners and not seeking exclusivity, and may develop feelings for him regardless.
  • After sex, women tend to become emotionally invested and think in terms of a relationship, while men prioritize continued sexual encounters with multiple partners.
  • This dynamic may be influenced by differing emotional responses to sexual intimacy between men and women.

The Downsides of a Casual Sex Culture (01:54:40)

  • Modern culture encourages women to adopt a casual approach to sex, similar to men, which can be liberating and empowering.
  • However, women are more likely to develop feelings in casual relationships compared to men.
  • Casual sex is not a fair game for women as men are often more effective at compartmentalizing their emotions.
  • Dr. Glover shares his personal experience of being back in the dating scene and the challenges of being open and honest.
  • He emphasizes the importance of being upfront about intentions and potential outcomes to avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort.
  • Despite being honest about his intentions, women still develop feelings for him due to his attractive qualities.
  • Dr. Glover chooses to end casual relationships when he senses emotional attachment from the women involved to minimize the potential for heartbreak.

Where to Find Dr Glover (01:58:17)

  • Dr. Robert Glover's website (drglover.com) and Integration Nation (integrationnation.net) are the best places to find him and stay updated on his work.

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