CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin joins Davos panel on the power of AI — 1/18/2024

CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin joins Davos panel on the power of AI — 1/18/2024

This video features a panel discussion on the geopolitics and implications of AI. The panel includes Prime Minister Leo V of Ireland, Caroline Edstadler Australian Minister for EU and Constitutional Affairs, Dimitro Kuba Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Nick CLE from Meta, and Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of inflection AI and Deep Mind.

Some key points from the discussion include:

  • The importance of parallel discussions on AI and its societal implications while the technology continues to evolve.
  • The need for common standards and regulation in AI to ensure it is accessible and not controlled by a few companies.
  • The concerns and risks associated with the misuse of AI in areas like politics and warfare.
  • The role of education and awareness in helping societies adapt to AI and mitigate its risks.
  • The debate on open source versus closed source AI and the importance of ensuring AI is used responsibly.
  • The potential impact of AI on job markets and the need for lifelong education and retraining opportunities.
  • The discussion regarding the role of government, technology companies, and individuals in addressing the challenges and risks of AI, including the spread of deepfake content.
  • The EU's efforts to regulate AI and create clear rules for its use, and the need for global rules and collaboration in regulating AI.
  • The potential for AI to change the way humanity understands security and global politics, including the implications of AI in warfare.
  • The challenges and risks associated with the transition from multiple opinions available online to AI-driven personal assistants that may provide a limited perspective.
  • The role of advertising as a business model in democratizing AI technology but also the need for safeguards against misuse.
  • The importance of balancing access to diverse opinions online and mitigating the effects of algorithm-driven echo chambers.
  • The need for a global conversation and inclusion of the global South in discussions on AI governance and regulation.

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