FBI director Christopher Wray testifies on China's growing cyber threat against U.S. — 1/31/24

FBI director Christopher Wray testifies on China's growing cyber threat against U.S. — 1/31/24

Threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to the United States:

  • The CCP's efforts to attack American critical infrastructure, including power grids, water treatment facilities, and transportation systems.
  • The CCP's use of cyber attacks for espionage and information gathering purposes.
  • Collaboration between the public and private sectors to defend against cyber threats and ensure the resilience of critical infrastructure.
  • The importance of deterrence and the attribution of cyber attacks to hold responsible parties accountable.
  • Concerns about election interference by foreign adversaries, particularly in relation to disinformation campaigns and the vulnerability of the U.S. electoral system.
  • The need for continued efforts to protect election integrity and the role of individual citizens in supporting these efforts.
  • Urgent need to address cyber threats from the CCP and take proactive measures to ensure the security and resilience of critical infrastructure and democratic processes.

Section 702 and the cyber threat posed by the CCP:

  • The importance of Section 702 in gathering information for national defense and countering PRC state-sponsored cyber actors.
  • The need to reauthorize Section 702 and not restrict its use to protect American citizens from cyber threats.
  • Discussion on the CCP's cyber superpower status, the risk of China outcompeting the US in cyberspace, and the importance of quantum computing and artificial intelligence.
  • The need for coordinated cyber policy and law enforcement efforts.
  • Cyber threats to US maritime ports, vulnerabilities of Chinese-manufactured cranes, and the need for a rip and replace program to address these vulnerabilities.
  • Concerns about Chinese companies like TikTok and the importance of protecting American data and AI innovation.
  • Assurance from officials on the strengthening of cybersecurity, protecting critical infrastructure, and preventing the profiling of Chinese Americans while safeguarding civil liberties.

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