Flood gates open after "spot bitcoin" approval?

Flood gates open after "spot bitcoin" approval?


  • Ofilia Uh and Kathy are partnering for a Bitcoin application.
  • Some traditional wirehouses and wealth management platforms have been hesitant to allow access to Bitcoin products.
  • Spot Bitcoin ETFs may broaden institutional participation.

Spot Bitcoin ETFs vs. Futures

  • Spot Bitcoin ETFs are more likely to broaden institutional participation as they are easier to understand and fit within existing infrastructure.
  • Futures products have been viewed as more complex and have faced more hesitancy from advisors.
  • Spot Bitcoin ETFs are more plain vanilla and remove regulatory uncertainty.

Launch of Bitcoin and Ethereum Futures ETFs

  • Uh and Kathy are launching a suite of Bitcoin and Ethereum Futures ETFs.
  • Both types of products have different use cases and cater to different users.
  • There is a customer base for both Futures and spot products.

Impact of a Bitcoin ETF on Bitcoin

  • The anticipation of a Bitcoin ETF has already led to a price increase in Bitcoin.
  • Institutions entering the asset class could significantly impact the price.
  • Bitcoin's scarcity value and correlation to other asset classes contribute to its appeal.

Comparison to Gold's ETF Launch

  • The launch of the gold ETF allowed for greater accessibility and cost-efficiency.
  • Bitcoin's ETF structure is seen as a safer way to own it.
  • Bitcoin's potential as a new asset class is still up for debate.

Surveillance Sharing Agreements

  • Surveillance sharing agreements allow exchanges to share data and detect fraud and manipulation.
  • These agreements are important for regulatory oversight in cross-border ETFs.

Fee Structure

  • Kathy's ETF will charge 25 basis points and offer free access for the first billion dollars or six months.
  • Specifics of other ETFs' fee structures have not been disclosed.
  • Competitively priced products with good seed capital are expected.

Investor Interest

  • Some applicants have lined up substantial investors, but specific details have not been disclosed.
  • Seed capital is not expected to be an issue for most ETFs.
  • Due diligence on the products will determine investor interest.

Approval of Multiple ETFs

  • It is expected that all 13 ETF applications will be approved simultaneously.
  • The SEC wants to avoid favoring any particular ETF issuer.
  • Market share will be distributed among multiple ETF issuers.

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