Goldman Sachs digital assets chief explains bank’s participation in bitcoin ETF boom

Goldman Sachs digital assets chief explains bank’s participation in bitcoin ETF boom


  • A lot has happened in the digital asset space in the past year.
  • The SEC approved the trading of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the US.
  • The approval is seen as a positive development for the market.

Benefits of Spot Bitcoin ETFs

  • Spot Bitcoin ETFs offer lower management fees and investor protections.
  • Institutions can now invest in an institutional-grade product that is available on multiple exchanges.

Drawbacks of Spot Bitcoin ETFs

  • Spot Bitcoin ETFs are limited to market hours and cannot be traded 24/7.
  • There may be a scarcity of the underlying asset if there is a large influx of investment into the ETFs.

Impact on Goldman Sachs

  • Goldman Sachs runs a team trading crypto derivatives for institutional clients.
  • They have seen significant growth in client interest for crypto derivatives.
  • The approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs allows Goldman Sachs to be more actively involved in the US crypto market.

Role as Authorized Participant

  • Goldman Sachs is an authorized participant for several Bitcoin ETFs, including those by BlackRock and Grayscale.
  • They can create and redeem Bitcoin fund units, enabling them to be involved with the underlying asset.

Future of Spot Ether ETFs

  • The approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs has raised questions about spot Ether ETFs.
  • The approval will depend on whether Ether is perceived as a security.

Outlook for Crypto Adoption

  • The approval of spot ETFs is expected to accelerate the adoption of crypto.
  • More investors are expected to allocate portions of their portfolios to crypto.
  • The institutionalization of the market is evident in the increased activity and interest in crypto derivatives.

Goldman Sachs' Accomplishments

  • Goldman Sachs has made progress in tokenization, collateral mobility, and digital money.
  • They have a portfolio of crypto companies, but the number may have changed due to divestments.
  • They have seen sensible valuations in the market, and valuations have become more rigorous.

Regulatory Developments

  • Regulatory advancements in the EU, UK, Singapore, and UAE provide clarity and a framework for operation.
  • More clarity from US regulators is expected, and the knowledge and comfort with the space are increasing.

Future Focus

  • Goldman Sachs will focus on scaling tokenization projects and increasing liquidity.
  • They will continue to work on collateral mobility and explore new projects.
  • The institutionalization of the market and the use of blockchain technology are key trends to watch.

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