Market Matters with CNBC's Bob Pisani — 2/2/2024

Market Matters with CNBC's Bob Pisani — 2/2/2024

Earnings Season

  • Tech companies are reporting strong earnings, driving the S&P 500 to a new high.
  • Apple's revenue is largely driven by iPhone sales and services.
  • Some companies are reporting lower volumes and higher wages, leading to price increases.

Artificial Intelligence


  • Meta announced its first-ever dividend, yielding 0.5%.
  • Dividends are a good way to generate cash flow from your investments.
  • Dividend-paying stocks provide cash in hand, but the stock price adjusts accordingly.
  • Reinvesting dividends is the source of real wealth due to compounding interest.

Federal Reserve

  • The Fed wants strategic ambiguity and doesn't want to be put in a corner.
  • The market wants to have its cake and eat it too, desiring a strong economy and low interest rates.
  • The Federal Reserve (Fed) typically cuts interest rates when the economy is weak, but the recent strong job report suggests that the economy is not weak enough for the Fed to cut rates.
  • The stock market reacted negatively to the news that the Fed is unlikely to cut rates in March, as investors had been hoping for multiple rate cuts this year.
  • The author believes that a strong economy with higher interest rates is preferable to a weak economy with lower interest rates.

IPO Market

  • The IPO market is off to a slow start in 2024, with some companies pricing their IPOs below the expected range due to pushback against high valuations.
  • Many companies are considering going public, but they may need to accept lower valuations in order to do so.
  • The author believes that the current environment is still favorable for IPOs, as lower prices provide an opportunity for investors to buy low and sell high.

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