President Biden delivers remarks at United Auto Workers' conference — 1/24/2024

President Biden delivers remarks at United Auto Workers' conference — 1/24/2024

Shan Fain's Speech

  • Shan Fain, President of UAW, talks about "We Walk This Road Together" and the significance of the song "Not Afraid" to their movement.
  • She acknowledges the doubt that others had in their movement and highlights their achievements in the strike against the big three automakers.
  • Fain emphasizes that the working class is not afraid and that the billionaire class is afraid of them.
  • She thanks the CAP reps, cap staff, International executive board, and UAW members for their support and leadership.

UAW's Fight for Economic and Social Justice

  • Fain mentions the promise she made to return to the union's roots and fight for economic and social justice.
  • She highlights various victories they have achieved, such as winning back cost of living, bringing back a closing plant, making EV jobs good jobs, and more.
  • Fain emphasizes that their fight is not just for UAW members but for the entire working class.

Power of Unity and Fighting Against Division

  • Fain talks about the importance of unity and how the wealthy class tries to divide the working class based on various factors like gender, nationality, and race.
  • She states that their power comes from unity and fighting for the issues that matter to the working class, such as wages, retirement, healthcare, and time.

Importance of the Presidential Election

  • Fain discusses the importance of the upcoming presidential election and the choice between candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden.
  • She criticizes Trump's past statements and actions regarding unions and the auto industry.
  • Fain highlights Biden's support for workers organizing and his commitment to American manufacturing and union jobs.

UAW's Endorsement of Joe Biden

  • Fain explains that the UAW's endorsement of Joe Biden is based on his track record and support for the American worker.
  • She mentions Biden's involvement in the auto industry crisis and his support for UAW during the strike.
  • Fain emphasizes that Biden has earned the UAW's endorsement through his actions and commitments to the working class.

President Joe Biden's Speech

  • President Joe Biden speaks about his commitment to be the most pro-union president ever.
  • He praises the UAW and its members for their work and sacrifice in saving the auto industry.
  • Biden discusses the importance of unions in raising standards across workplaces and strengthening the benefits for everyone.
  • He highlights the investments made in manufacturing, infrastructure, and electric vehicles to create more jobs and support American workers.
  • Biden thanks the UAW for their support and states that he is proud to have their back.
  • He emphasizes that his economic plan is about giving working people a fair shot and creating an economy that takes care of those at the bottom.
  • Biden closes by expressing his optimism for America's future and the strength of the American people.

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