President Biden visits Minnesota and speaks on Bipartisan Infrastructure Law — 1/25/2024

President Biden visits Minnesota and speaks on Bipartisan Infrastructure Law — 1/25/2024


  • Tim Nelson, owner of Earth Rider Brewery, welcomes guests to the event
  • Expresses gratitude for the bridge and its importance to the community

Importance of the Bridge

  • The bridge connects the two communities, physically, financially, and spiritually
  • Tim's great grandparents immigrated to Superior in the 1800s
  • The bridge is critical to his business and the local economy

President Biden's Remarks

  • President Biden acknowledges the presence of Governor Tony Evers and Governor Tim Walls
  • Thanks Senators Tammy Baldwin, Amy Klobuchar, and Tina Smith for their support
  • Discusses the positive economic progress in the country and the growth of new businesses

Infrastructure Investment

  • The United States currently ranks 13th in infrastructure globally
  • President Biden signed a bipartisan infrastructure law to invest in rebuilding America
  • $1 billion will be allocated to rebuild the Blatnik Bridge, benefiting local businesses and improving transportation

Other Investments

  • $2.5 billion will be invested in high-speed internet access
  • $1.1 billion will be allocated to providing clean water and replacing lead pipes
  • $5 billion will be invested in 37 major infrastructure projects across the nation

Job Creation and Manufacturing

  • The Midwest is experiencing job growth, with 14 million new jobs created since President Biden took office
  • Emphasizes bringing manufacturing jobs back to the US
  • $50 billion will be invested in building chip factories, creating high-paying jobs

Tax Reform

  • Calls for fair taxation and closing loopholes for wealthy corporations
  • Introduces a minimum tax rate for billionaires to contribute their fair share
  • Proceeds from this tax can be used to strengthen Social Security and Medicare and lower the cost of childcare and elder care


  • President Biden expresses a sense of pride in the American people and their ability to overcome challenges
  • Emphasizes the importance of unity and working together to build a better future for the United States

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