The 2024 World Economic Forum in Davos hosts a panel on fighting the obesity epidemic —1/17/24

The 2024 World Economic Forum in Davos hosts a panel on fighting the obesity epidemic —1/17/24


  • The panel discussion is about obesity and its impact on healthcare and society.
  • The panel consists of Glenn Tolman, Dr. Matts Card Thompson, Dr. Shamshir Vil, and Nancy Brown.
  • The panelists discuss the macro challenges of obesity and the need for comprehensive solutions.

The Healthcare Challenge of Obesity

  • Obesity is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and other chronic health issues.
  • Obesity is a complex issue influenced by biological, genetic, epigenetic, societal, and behavioral factors.
  • The obesity rates in the United States and worldwide are alarmingly high.
  • There is a need for comprehensive solutions to help manage weight and promote health.

Potential Solutions

  • Transcar focuses on providing easy access to high-quality and affordable healthcare, including solutions for obesity.
  • GLP1s (glucagon-like peptide-1) are mentioned as a critical part of the solution but not the sole answer.
  • A comprehensive approach to weight health is required, including upfront planning, counseling, and in some cases bariatric surgery.
  • Employers are interested in comprehensive programs but also concerned about the cost and sustainability of solutions.
  • The government may play a role in covering obesity as a disease and driving comprehensive solutions.

The Turning Point and Need for Comprehensive Intervention

  • The panelists discuss the potential of GLP1s and other therapies in breaking the vicious cycle of obesity and improving overall health.
  • It is emphasized that obesity is a chronic condition that requires a multifactorial intervention, including diet, exercise, pharmacotherapy, and better understanding as a true chronic condition.
  • Dr. Shamshir Vil highlights the societal and cultural aspects of obesity and the need for a holistic approach involving education, regulation, and mental health support.
  • Nancy Brown mentions that the advent of GLP1s is a significant moment, but more work and studies are needed to validate and expand their use.
  • Glenn Tolman mentions the need for a comprehensive plan and the importance of addressing weight health rather than focusing solely on obesity.

Addressing Obesity: Employer Perspectives and Education

  • Employers play a crucial role in promoting health and addressing obesity among their workforce.
  • Employers are seeking guidance on how to address obesity, given the demand for GLP1s and other solutions.
  • Education is emphasized as a key aspect, starting from preschool and focusing on nutrition, exercise, and mental health.
  • There is a need to integrate food as medicine into the healthcare system and explore reimbursement options for healthy food.
  • The importance of policy change and collaboration between stakeholders, including government, employers, healthcare providers, and food companies, is emphasized.

Regulation of the Food Industry

  • There is a consensus among the panelists that regulation alone may not be the answer.
  • It is suggested that making healthy food more accessible in underserved communities, regulating advertising strategies, and implementing labeling criteria can be effective measures.
  • Glenn Tolman mentions the importance of easy access to healthy food and the need for education to make informed food choices.
  • Dr. Shamshir Vil highlights the impact of online shopping habits on food choices and suggests the need for education and awareness in households.
  • Dr. Matts Card Thompson emphasizes the importance of regulations and voluntary targets but also mentions the need for a hybrid solution involving government, food companies, and multi-stakeholder collaborations.


  • The panelists agree that a comprehensive approach, including education, policy change, collaboration, and data-driven interventions, is necessary to address the obesity epidemic.
  • Government, employers, healthcare providers, and food companies all have a role to play in finding and implementing solutions.
  • The focus should not only be on treating obesity but on promoting overall weight health and wellness.

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