Watch CNBC's full interview with Bill Ackman on fighting antisemitism, the 2024 election and more

Watch CNBC's full interview with Bill Ackman on fighting antisemitism, the 2024 election and more

Bill Amman's Motivation and Activism

  • Bill Amman has been an outspoken advocate against anti-Semitism on college campuses in America.
  • He has pushed for the resignation of three University presidents who were seen as not defending their Jewish student populations.
  • Amman's motivation began with his late father's concern about anti-Semitism and his belief that it needed to be addressed.
  • The catalyst for his activism was when Harvard student organizations blamed Israel for terrorist attacks, leading to the rise of anti-Semitic activity on campuses.

Response to Criticism and Attacks

  • Amman has faced criticism and backlash for his activist approach in addressing the issues.
  • His wife has been targeted with accusations of plagiarism, which he sees as evidence of progress in his activism.
  • Amman is undeterred by the attacks and is committed to continuing his work.

Creation of an Organization

  • Amman plans to establish an organization to address the issues of anti-Semitism, free speech, diversity, equity, and inclusion on college campuses.
  • The organization will focus on studying the issues, developing solutions, and implementing actions.

Personal Reactions and Home Life

  • Amman discusses his personal feelings and reactions to the attacks on his wife and the accusations surrounding plagiarism.
  • He believes that the plagiarism charges against his wife are unfounded and do not equate to intentional theft of intellectual property.
  • Amman expresses frustration with media organizations and their potential to damage reputations without accountability.

Political Views and Involvement

  • Amman shares his views on the markets and his support for multiple candidates in the presidential election.
  • He believes that Biden should step down and supports candidates who he considers capable and energetic.
  • Amman emphasizes the importance of having strong alternative candidates rather than just two choices.
  • He mentions his independence and desired to be free to speak his mind, regardless of societal consequences.

Harvard Endowment and Activism

  • Amman clarifies that he is not supporting an overthrow of the Harvard endowment.
  • Instead, he supports alumni who are running for positions on the board of overseers to address concerns about the endowment's performance.
  • He raises questions about possible fraudulent actions by Harvard and calls for transparency on these matters.

Personal Identity and Goals

  • Amman wants to be known as a good person who cares about society, a patriotic individual, a loyal Harvard alumnus, a loving husband, and someone who values truth and is willing to effect change.

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