Watch CNBC's full interview with Secretary of State Antony Blinken

Watch CNBC's full interview with Secretary of State Antony Blinken

Secretary's Goals in Davos

  • Davos is an important convening point for leaders from around the world, including the private sector.
  • The goal is to bring everyone together and create synergies.

US-China Relations and Taiwan Election

  • The US congratulated the president-elect of Taiwan and praised their democracy.
  • The US is focused on peace, stability, and maintaining the status quo in cross-strait relations.
  • Disruptions in the Taiwan Strait would have negative consequences for global commerce.
  • China's pressure on Taiwan has been counterproductive to their own interests.
  • The US has a one-China policy that remains unchanged.
  • President Biden also reiterated support for the one-China policy and opposition to independence.

Importance of Taiwan

  • Taiwan is vital for global commerce, with 50% of the world's commerce and semiconductors passing through the Taiwan Strait.
  • Any disruption would have negative effects on everyone.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

  • The US supports Israel's right to defend itself and prevent future conflicts like October 7th.
  • Israel's actions should focus on preventing future attacks while minimizing civilian casualties.
  • Efforts should be made to provide humanitarian assistance to those affected by the conflict.

US Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

  • The US encourages Israel to pursue effective governance and ensure Palestinian stability.
  • A two-state solution is important for lasting peace and stability.
  • The US supports reform within the Palestinian Authority and believes leaders committed to peace are necessary.
  • The region's changing dynamics, with Arab countries normalizing relations with Israel, present new opportunities.

US Support for Ukraine

  • The US is focused on providing Ukraine with the necessary support to defend itself against Russian aggression.
  • The US is working to secure funding from Congress to ensure Ukraine has the resources it needs.
  • Burden-sharing among allies is strong, including support from other countries.
  • Efforts are also being made to help Ukraine stand on its own economically, militarily, and democratically.

US Role in the World

  • US engagement and leadership are important for global stability.
  • Reinvestment in domestic infrastructure and alliances strengthens the US position globally.
  • The US is finding common ground with Europe and Asia regarding numerous challenges, including dealing with Putin and China.

Political Landscape in the US

  • US foreign policy is focused on advancing the interests of the American people, regardless of political changes.
  • The goal is to pursue effective policies and partnerships to address global issues.
  • Actions, such as agreements with China on fentanyl, have practical and positive impacts on American lives.

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