White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and NSC's John Kirby hold a briefing — 1/9/2024

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and NSC's John Kirby hold a briefing — 1/9/2024

Missile deployment and joint statement

  • Russia has recently deployed missiles against Ukraine, including ballistic missiles obtained from North Korea.
  • The foreign ministers of 47 countries, along with the EU's high representative and Secretary Blinken, have released a joint statement condemning Russia's use of North Korean missiles against Ukraine.
  • The statement emphasizes that these arms transfers undermine global non-proliferation efforts and supports Russia's war aggression.
  • The US government calls on Congress to approve supplemental funding to provide Ukraine with vital air defense capabilities and military equipment.

Secretary Austin's health

  • Secretary Austin was diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent surgery on December 22, but the White House was not informed until last Friday.
  • The President was informed of the diagnosis this morning after the Chief of Staff informed him.

Transparency and accountability

  • The President expects transparency and has confidence in Secretary Austin's ability to lead the Defense Department.
  • The Pentagon will conduct a review of the information flow process and protocols regarding the Secretary's hospitalization.
  • The White House has also issued a memo directing agencies to review their delegation of authority protocols.

Airline safety and grounding of Boeing aircraft

  • The FAA is ensuring the safety of American passengers by grounding certain Boeing aircraft until enhanced inspections are completed.
  • President Biden believes it is safe to fly, and the FAA's priority is to keep Americans safe.

Economic outlook and recession concerns

  • The President remains optimistic about the economy and believes that the economic progress made thus far will continue.
  • Unemployment is low, jobs have been created, inflation is falling, and wages and wealth have risen.
  • President Biden does not believe a recession is imminent and supports ongoing economic growth.

Mayor of Kiev and business relationship

  • The White House does not comment on ongoing legal cases or personal business relationships.

Official events and campaign events

  • Official events organized by the White House are separate from campaign events organized by the campaign.
  • The White House has been clear in distinguishing between the two types of events and their organization.

Reaction to House Republicans' impeachment hearing against Mayorkas

  • The White House views the hearing as a political stunt by House Republicans and believes they should focus on delivering real results for the American people.

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