White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre holds a briefing with reporters — 2/6/24

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre holds a briefing with reporters — 2/6/24

Biden Administration's Recognition of Black History Month

  • The Biden administration is celebrating Black History Month by hosting a reception and recognizing the contributions of African Americans to American culture.
  • President Biden has appointed more black women to the federal circuit courts than any other administration in history.
  • Under President Biden's leadership, the economy has recovered, creating 2.6 million jobs for black Americans and reducing the unemployment gap between black and white workers.
  • The administration has invested over $7 billion in historically black colleges and universities and increased black homeownership since January 2021.

Immigration Reform

  • President Biden is working on immigration reform and has reached a bipartisan agreement with senators to address the issue.
  • The agreement includes increased border patrol personnel, cutting-edge inspection machines, and improved processing times for asylum claims.
  • President Biden blames the failure of the supplemental immigration legislation on House Republicans for not engaging in bipartisan negotiations.
  • The president is disappointed that House Republicans are blocking the bipartisan immigration agreement, which has support from the border patrol union, the US Chamber of Commerce, and Republican and Democratic governors.
  • The administration does not have a specific plan B if the immigration deal fails.
  • President Biden spoke sternly about the politics and stunts surrounding the immigration issue and called on Republicans to have a spine and work for the American people.
  • The White House criticized House Republicans for obstructing immigration reform efforts and using the issue as a political stunt.

Hostage Negotiations and Middle East Policy

  • The Biden administration is reviewing Hamas's response to a framework for a hostage deal and working to secure the release of American hostages.
  • The US believes its strategy of striking Iranian-backed militias has degraded their capabilities, but it will take further action if necessary to defend against attacks on US ships and international vessels.
  • On the hostage negotiations in the Middle East, the Administration is reviewing Hamas' response to the framework of a hostage deal and working towards a humanitarian pause to get critical aid into Gaza.

Border Security and Bipartisan Agreement

  • There is a bipartisan agreement in Congress on immigration that is fair and tough.
  • The White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, discussed various topics during a press briefing, highlighting the bipartisan agreement on border security that has been endorsed by the Border Patrol Union and the US Chamber of Commerce.
  • She criticized Republicans for not supporting the deal and pointed out that President Biden has been personally engaging with lawmakers to secure their support.
  • The administration is focused on a comprehensive approach to immigration and border security, rather than taking unilateral actions.

President Biden's Communication Strategy

  • President Biden has been engaging with the press, including taking questions yesterday and today, but the White House will provide more information on his schedule later this week.
  • The President's communication strategy includes non-traditional methods such as podcasts, radio programs, and interviews with digital creators, in addition to traditional sit-down interviews.
  • There is no specific reason provided for not doing a Super Bowl interview, but the President will find other ways to communicate with millions of Americans.

Other Notable Points

  • President Biden plans to travel to East Palestine, Ohio, in February to address the aftermath of the train derailment.
  • The State of the Union address will take place on March 7th, and the invitation from Speaker McCarthy has been accepted.
  • The administration acknowledges the concerns of Black voters regarding racial justice and economic issues.
  • President Biden supports Israel's right to defend itself but also emphasizes the need to protect innocent Palestinian lives.
  • The White House respects the decision of the Salvadoran people in reelecting President Nayib Bukele and looks forward to working with him on issues of mutual interest.
  • The administration understands that people may fundamentally disagree with the White House on various issues, and that's part of democracy.
  • The White House Office of Management and Budget confirmed that the president would veto a standalone Israel Aid package coming out of the House.
  • The president called for a comprehensive National Security Supplemental to address various national security challenges, including support for Israel, Ukraine, and partners in the Indo-Pacific.
  • The president expressed concern about the crisis at the border but emphasized the need for a bipartisan agreement rather than politicizing the issue.
  • The White House criticized House Republicans for attempting to impeach Secretary Mayorkas, calling it a shameless and baseless political move.

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