How Cohere CEO Aidan Gomez Says AI Will Directly Profit Companies

How Cohere CEO Aidan Gomez Says AI Will Directly Profit Companies

Aidan Gomez and the Development of Generative AI

  • Aidan Gomez, CEO and co-founder of Cohere, contributed to the foundational paper on transformers while interning at Google in 2017.
  • Gomez and his team initially aimed to enhance Google Translate but achieved far greater impact with generative AI technology.
  • Despite rapid advancements, Gomez emphasizes that the current capabilities of language models were unforeseen even a decade ago.

Google's Approach to Generative AI

  • Google's decision not to launch a ChatGPT-like product may be attributed to the need for strong conviction in scaling and willingness to invest heavily in larger models.
  • Gomez highlights the collaborative culture at Google Brain, where researchers pursued their interests and collaborated on projects.
  • The shift from research for its own sake to impactful technologies has led to increased adoption of generative AI by consumers and enterprises.
  • Recent departures and controversies within Google's AI groups may be due to a cultural shift towards tangible impact and the realization of generative AI's practical utility.

Cohere: Bringing Generative AI to Enterprises

  • Gomez co-founded Cohere to focus on bringing generative AI technology to the enterprise sector, complementing Google's consumer-focused approach.
  • The unexpected popularity and widespread adoption of ChatGPT surprised the entire market, including OpenAI.
  • Cohere is a model builder that develops a platform for enterprises to adopt generative AI technology, enabling automation and new product experiences through natural language interfaces.
  • Cohere prioritizes privacy, cloud agnosticism, and enterprise use cases for its AI models.
  • Cohere's models are used for external-facing applications (enhancing products) and internal-facing applications (driving productivity and building assistance within organizations).
  • Cohere's partnership with Oracle has resulted in measurable productivity gains through new features in Oracle's Fusion apps.

Addressing Barriers to AI Adoption

  • Cohere addresses barriers to AI adoption, such as data privacy concerns and high costs, by building smaller, scalable, and cost-effective models.
  • Unlike competitors with cloud provider deals, Cohere takes a traditional approach by raising funds from investors and aiming for a return on investment.

Cohere's Growth and Future

  • Cohere is valued at over $2 billion and has offices in Toronto, New York, San Francisco, and London, with plans to expand its go-to-market team.
  • The company emphasizes building a legitimate, non-hype business and focuses on privacy, cloud agnosticism, and enterprise use cases.

AI Risks and Responsible Adoption

  • Cohere addresses concerns about AI risks and doomsday scenarios by emphasizing the unlikelihood of continuous exponential scaling due to friction points, complexities, and human limitations.
  • While fear mongering about AI is common, the real risks lie in deploying AI in high-consequence scenarios without proper scrutiny.

The Future of AI Adoption

  • AI adoption is still in its early stages but is expected to accelerate significantly in the next two years as enterprises integrate it into daily operations and consumers use it in various products and services.
  • To become an AI expert, one must be obsessed with the field, constantly read and understand research papers, and stay committed and excited about the technology.
  • Businesses are recognizing AI as a competitive advantage, using it to improve efficiency and productivity, as demonstrated by an insurance firm's successful use of AI to augment actuaries.

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