Coffeezilla the Movie

Coffeezilla the Movie

Coffeezilla's Secret Door Reveal

  • Coffeezilla, a popular YouTuber known for exposing scams, finally unlocks the "Secret Door" after reaching 3.4 million subscribers.
  • Behind the door is a hidden archive containing forgotten memories and cases.
  • Coffeezilla encounters a cyber archive entity named "Cat" who guides him through the archive.

Coffeezilla's Shark Tank Appearance

  • Coffeezilla recalls his appearance on Shark Tank, where he pitched his idea for a $10 million loan to lease a detective office in downtown IO.
  • Despite skepticism from the sharks, Coffeezilla secures a $10 million loan from Honey, but it is in the form of Tether, a controversial cryptocurrency.
  • Coffeezilla raises concerns about Tether's liquidity and negotiates a deal with MrBeast for $12 million in Tether and a Honey D NFT worth $50 million in exchange for $10 million in cash or cash equivalence.
  • Robert offers Coffeezilla the $10 million but demands a 15% interest rate and a guarantee about a case, which Coffeezilla refuses.
  • Robert then asks Coffeezilla to investigate a name, promising that his life will change, and Coffeezilla agrees.

Aftermath and Existential Crisis

  • Coffeezilla realizes that some parts of the negotiation, including Robert's involvement, were not real and were staged for the show.
  • He is left confused and has an existential crisis, questioning the authenticity of his memories and experiences.

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