Insane Creator Scam

Insane Creator Scam

Revolt: A Ponzi-Type Merch Company

  • Revolt, a merch company run by Ryan Pente, was extremely successful from 2019 to 2021, working with prominent creators.
  • Revolt made significant profits, generating $20 million in revenue from only five merch drops, with creators making $12 million.
  • However, there were issues with Revolt's financial management, including overspending and a lack of proper logistics experience.
  • As a result, Revolt started delaying payments to creators and experiencing problems with shipping and quality control.
  • Creators began publicly sharing their negative experiences with Revolt, including non-payment and unfulfilled orders.

Ryan Pente's Lavish Spending and Fraudulent Practices

  • Ryan Pente had a spending problem, using company funds for extravagant expenses such as private jets, expensive dinners, and luxury rentals.
  • Revolt started running out of money, leading to delays in payments to creators and problems with order fulfillment.
  • To cover up their financial struggles, Revolt allegedly increased the costs of goods sold to creators, charging them more than the actual factory prices.
  • An insider provided evidence of inflated prices on invoices and confirmed that Revolt charged higher prices than they were paying the Chinese factories.

Allegations of Predatory Behavior and Sexual Misconduct

  • Several individuals have accused Ryan Pente of predatory behavior and sexual misconduct.
  • Accusations include coercing individuals into inappropriate acts, misconduct in the shower, breaking into phones to search for private photos, and taking advantage of individuals under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
  • Multiple individuals corroborated the allegations, providing accounts of Ryan's behavior and character.
  • There were also claims of Ryan using business accounts, including the Misfits' business account, to pay for explicit photos of fans of the show.

Lack of Response from Ryan Pente

  • Despite multiple attempts to contact Ryan Pente for comment, he has not responded or provided any explanation or defense.
  • Ryan's whereabouts are currently unknown, with the last reported sighting being at an airport.

Impact on Individuals and the Need for Awareness

  • The allegations against Ryan Pente have had a significant impact on individuals, causing some to stop creating content and leading to mental health breakdowns.
  • It is important to raise awareness of these allegations to protect others from potential harm and encourage transparency in the industry.

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