Earth Day Special with Ricardo Miron and Katie Wetstone

Earth Day Special with Ricardo Miron and Katie Wetstone


  • GitHub offers project management, customizable views, code collaboration, automated testing, and security scanning.
  • GitHub collaborates with the Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA) to promote digital public goods (DPGs) and open-source contributions.

Digital Public Goods

  • DPGs are open-source software, AI models, open datasets, and open content collections that advance sustainable development goals.
  • The DPGA promotes the development and sustainability of DPGs by providing recognition, support, and capacity building.
  • GitHub promotes DPGs through campaigns like the annual October contribution campaign and the "For Good First Issue" tool.


  • Samba is a Python package that automates the analysis of camera trap videos for conservation efforts.
  • Samba can detect different species, estimate the distance between a camera and an animal, and segment parts of an animal.
  • Samba is user-friendly and can be used through an open-source Python package on GitHub or through a user-friendly web application.


  • Zamba is a tool that helps conservationists analyze videos of animals.
  • Zamba can identify different species, track animal movement, and analyze behavior.
  • Zamba is open-source, free to use, and primarily written in Python.
  • Zamba Cloud, the web application, allows users to upload videos and process them using cloud resources.
  • Zamba V3, with new capabilities for training custom image-based models, is expected to launch in mid-September.

Driven Data

  • Driven Data hosts open competitions and encourages contributions to open-source projects on GitHub.
  • Driven Data has two open competitions: one on forecasting water availability and the other on developing algorithms for inspector spacecraft.
  • Katie and Ricardo from Driven Data will be giving upcoming talks on ethics and generative AI, and the Sci-Fi package for harmful AI bloom detection.

Contact Information

  • Interested individuals can connect with Katie and Ricardo via email, LinkedIn, or through Driven Data's general contact information.

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