Embrace SDK: Enhancing Mobile App Monitoring and Performance

Embrace SDK: Enhancing Mobile App Monitoring and Performance


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  • Embrace is a mobile app observability technology that provides insights to help developers resolve critical issues that affect mobile apps.
  • Embrace adopts open tele standards, benefiting the entire industry.
  • Embrace is open-source and available on GitHub.

Embrace SDK

  • Embrace is an open-source Swift SDK for instrumenting and monitoring mobile applications.
  • The Embrace SDK is simple to integrate and there are many resources available to help you get started, including documentation, a Slack community, and Open Source Fridays.
  • Developers are encouraged to start with the Embrace IO initialization target and then move on to Embrace Core for more customization.
  • Customization options are available through the Embrace options variable, including the ability to separate debug and release configurations.
  • Embrace supports OpenTelemetry for exporting data to other platforms, such as Grafana.

Embrace App

  • Embrace is a Swift UI app that includes mini-games and allows users to submit telemetry data.
  • The app has a hidden main menu that can be accessed by triple-tapping the background on any screen.
  • The app includes three mini-games: Bubble, Reflex, and Simon.
  • The app also includes features for logging, crash reporting, and performance testing.

Contributing to Embrace

  • If you're interested in contributing to the Embrace project, the team is open to all feedback and contributions, whether it's bug reports, feature requests, or documentation improvements.

Open Telemetry

  • Open Telemetry is an open specification for observability that includes tracing, logging, and metrics.
  • Open Telemetry is well-established in the server ecosystem but is still evolving in the mobile space.

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