Event in Spanish: Asegurando el Código con Jeffrey Guerra

Event in Spanish: Asegurando el Código con Jeffrey Guerra


  • In this YouTube video, the speaker, Andrea Grifis, introduces the concept of "Guio Presente," a program created by the Latin American community in GitHub to showcase the talent and achievements of Latinx individuals in the technology industry.
  • She discusses the upcoming Impulse AI conference and encourages viewers to attend.
  • Andrea then introduces her guest, Jeff, an engineer of security products at GitHub, who discusses the bug bounty program and how artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to find and address vulnerabilities in GitHub's products.
  • Jeff provides resources for individuals interested in bug bounty programs and encourages them to ask questions and seek collaboration.
  • The video concludes with a Kahoot game in which participants can win prizes, such as a plush toy and certificates for the GitHub store.

Questions and Answers

  • The video includes a series of questions and corresponding answers on programming topics.
  • The questions cover topics such as programming languages, company acquisitions, and coding history.


  • The video concludes with thanks to the participants and an invitation to join upcoming events and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

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