Event in Spanish: Open Source Viernes con Ariel Jolo

Event in Spanish: Open Source Viernes con Ariel Jolo

GitHub for Developers

  • Mona uses GitHub projects, Codespaces, Copilot, and Actions to streamline her development workflow.
  • GitHub offers various tools to enhance code storage, collaboration, and development efficiency.

GitHub Universe Event

  • The event covers diverse topics such as data science, software development, cybersecurity, infrastructure, testing, usability, soft skills, and astronomy.
  • It provides networking opportunities, both in-person and virtually, along with job search assistance and sponsor interactions.
  • All talks and workshops are recorded and available on YouTube.
  • Free certification codes for GitHub certifications and Copilot experimentation are offered to attendees.

Open Source Initiative (OSI)

  • OSI protects the definition of open-source code and approves free licenses like GPL and MIT.
  • OSI is defining open-source artificial intelligence (AI) technologies through a collaborative effort with experts.
  • The "Roadshow" starting in May aims to gather input for a stable definition by October 2023.
  • OSI promotes the adoption of open-source AI technologies and encourages contributions to open-source projects.

OSI's Role in Shaping Technology

  • OSI ensures the longevity and success of open-source software through membership and sponsorship support.
  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of open-source software and invites individuals and businesses to engage with OSI.
  • Various ways to connect with OSI are mentioned, including social media, local chapters, and events.
  • The upcoming "nerdearla" conference in Santiago, Chile, offers both in-person and online attendance options.
  • A special event with Bryan Moore includes book signing and giveaways, fostering community connection.
  • Companies can collaborate with OSI, and attending OSI events provides a unique experience.

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