Event in Spanish: Open Source Viernes con El Malba

Event in Spanish: Open Source Viernes con El Malba

GitHub for Development

  • Mona uses GitHub projects to manage tasks and track iterations.
  • Mona sets up a development environment using GitHub CLI, VS Code, or Codespaces.
  • GitHub's Copilot helps Mona write more readable and efficient code.
  • Mona sets up automated tests with GitHub Actions, which are easily version-controlled.
  • Mona's colleague configures repository rules to enforce DevOps governance practices.
  • Mona avoids leaking secrets using GitHub's secret scanning and insertion protection, and identifies potential security vulnerabilities through code scanning.

GitHub for Deployment

  • GitHub Actions are pre-built workflows that simplify the deployment process.
  • GitHub Pages is a service that allows users to host static websites using GitHub's CDN.
  • GitHub Actions can be used to build and deploy websites.
  • GitHub Pages is a free hosting service for static websites.
  • GitHub Actions can be used to automatically deploy websites to GitHub Pages.
  • GitHub Pages provides users with a free custom domain.

GitHub for Collaboration

  • Malva demonstrates how to create a portfolio website using GitHub Pages, React, and GitHub Actions.
  • The community can contribute to GitHub-owned websites by submitting pull requests to include their projects.
  • Malva invites viewers to join the Spanish-language version of github.com.br to showcase open-source projects from Brazil.
  • Malva encourages viewers to build upon existing open-source projects rather than reinventing the wheel.

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