Event is Spanish: Open Source Viernes con Goncy

Event is Spanish: Open Source Viernes con Goncy

Mona's GitHub Workflow

  • Mona utilizes GitHub's project management tools, sets up development environments with GitHub Codespaces, and enhances code readability with GitHub Copilot.
  • Automated testing with GitHub Actions ensures code quality, while repository rules enforce governance practices across the organization.
  • Mona prevents secret leaks using secret scanning and identifies potential security vulnerabilities through code scanning.

Gonzalo "Gony" - JavaScript Expert and Solution Architect

  • Gonzalo "Gony" is a renowned JavaScript expert and solution architect at Vercel, dedicated to making the web faster.
  • Gony has a significant impact on the community through his Twitch channel, where he shares valuable insights and knowledge, attracting over 50,000 followers since December.
  • Gony started creating coding content during the pandemic to continue mentoring people after he had to stop hosting in-person meetups at his home.

Gony's Programming Journey

  • Gony began his programming journey at the age of 12 or 13 by visually designing web pages using Dreamweaver.
  • He started coding at 17 or 18 years old when he began taking computer science courses in college.
  • Gony highlights the benefits of freeCodeCamp, particularly its user-friendly platform that allows beginners to start coding without prior technical knowledge or complex setups.
  • The platform provides a complete curriculum in Spanish, thanks to community translations, making it more accessible for Spanish speakers.
  • Gony emphasizes the importance of understanding programming concepts in one's native language, as it can make the learning process easier and more effective.

Gony's Transition to JavaScript

  • Gony's first programming language was Action Script 3, which was similar to TypeScript.
  • He transitioned to the JavaScript ecosystem because he wanted to work with maps and the Google Maps API had migrated from Action Script 3 to JavaScript.

Gony's Open-Source Journey

  • Gony's introduction to open-source came when he started sharing his projects on GitHub and creating courses in the form of repositories.
  • His Next.js course on GitHub is a comprehensive resource with a detailed README, images, examples, and links to videos.
  • The course is structured in a way that allows learners to start from any point and build a functional application incrementally.
  • Gony welcomes contributions to the course, including pull requests for typos, new features, or extensions.

Peny: A Virtual Platform for the Pandemic

  • Peny was a virtual platform created in 2020 to help people affected by the pandemic transition from physical to virtual spaces for free.
  • It started as a client-side React app but later incorporated Next.js and Vercel for server-side rendering.
  • Peny gained popularity and reached 60,000 stores within a year, but the admin panel was not user-friendly, especially for older users.
  • To address this, a new version called Gonybar Store was created, which uses Google Sheets as a database, making it more accessible and cost-effective.
  • Peny users can still access the original version on GitHub, and Gonybar Store is available for entrepreneurs who want to sell products or services via WhatsApp without the need for a complex database.
  • Gony values the connections and friendships formed through the platform and emphasizes that all his content is free, with no premium or paid access.

The Benefits of Contributing to Open-Source

  • Contributing to open-source projects can be a great way to get noticed by potential employers.
  • Open-source contributions can also help developers improve their technical skills and learn to work collaboratively in distributed teams.
  • While contributing to open-source may not directly lead to a job at a top tech company, it can help build relationships and increase visibility within the tech community.
  • Active contributors in open-source communities are often the first to be considered for job opportunities within those communities.

Gony's Discord Server and Community Support

  • Gony promotes his Discord server, which has over 10,000 members from various backgrounds, including non-Spanish speakers.
  • The server offers free English practice sessions every Wednesday at 7 pm and channels for different interests like design and frontend development.
  • Members can also find job opportunities posted on the server and connect with others for activities like playing soccer.
  • Gony emphasizes the importance of community support and networking within the open-source community.

Job Market Insights and Advice

  • Gony acknowledges the challenges of finding a first job in the tech industry, especially for those with limited experience.
  • He observes that the job market has improved compared to a year ago, with more opportunities for entry-level positions.
  • Gony suggests that mid-level professionals may face difficulties in securing new jobs due to increased competition and higher skill requirements.
  • He advises job seekers to increase their visibility by showcasing their skills through platforms like LinkedIn and consider accepting lower salaries initially to gain experience and climb the career ladder.

Finding Spanish Contributors in the Vercel Team

  • Gony suggests looking for Spanish-speaking contributors in the Vercel team or the open-source community, as not all Spanish projects have Spanish contributors and vice versa.
  • Vercel has team members who are native Spanish speakers, such as Javi Velasco from Spain and Luis Fades from Colombia, who can provide support and guidance on larger repositories or repositories with English code.
  • Gony recommends focusing on finding people rather than projects, as it's easier to find someone to collaborate with in Spanish and learn from them.

Vercel Ship Conference and Events

  • Vercel has upcoming events, including the Vercel Ship conference in New York on May 23rd, which will have both in-person and virtual attendance options, as well as watch parties in various cities around the world.
  • There are currently no plans for a Vercel Ship watch party in Argentina, as Gony is the only Vercel team member based there and organizing such an event would require significant effort.
  • Gony highly recommends the NerdConf conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which is a free three-day event with international speakers, sponsor booths, and various talks and workshops.

Gony's Passion for Sharing Knowledge

  • Goni recommends learning in public and sharing knowledge with others, as it benefits both the learner and the audience.
  • He encourages everyone to contribute to open-source projects and communities, regardless of their skill level, as there is a place for everyone.
  • Goni's advice is to be part of a community, share knowledge, and learn in public, as it helps both the individual and the community.

Open Source Friday Initiative and Community Engagement

  • Andrea invites viewers to join the Open Source Friday initiative by sharing their open-source projects and encourages them to support Goni's work through sponsorships.
  • She also extends an invitation to join their weekly soccer games, emphasizing inclusivity and welcoming players of all skill levels.
  • Andrea concludes the session by thanking Goni and the audience, reminding them to follow Goni and support his projects through sponsorships.

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