GitHub: The best developer experience built by developers, for developers

GitHub: The best developer experience built by developers, for developers

GitHub VP of Product Management Mario Rodriguez intro on building innovative software with the GitHub platform (00:00:00)

  • Mario Rodriguez, VP of Product at GitHub, oversees productivity tools like repos, pull requests, issues, projects, and GitHub Copilot.
  • He highlights customer desires to innovate, find efficiencies, and grow, addressing these with developer experience, efficiency, and growth as GitHub's pillars.

Overview of GitHub's foundational principles and GitHub VP of Product Management on innovation (00:02:20), (00:00:00)

  • Rodriguez emphasizes developer experience, security, and keeping everyone in the development flow, including testers, product managers, and stakeholders.
  • Developer experience at GitHub is influenced by open source and prioritizes a unified, secure platform to keep individuals 'in the flow' of their work.

History of GitHub Platform Growth (00:03:30)

  • Since 2018, GitHub transitioned from being known solely for open source and version control to providing a comprehensive platform from idea to production.
  • GitHub introduced actions, CI/CD, acquired Dependabot and Semmle (GitHub Advanced Security), launched packages, collaborated on Code Spaces, and began Copilot.
  • These improvements are aimed at forming an end-to-end platform for developers.

GitHub platform overview and iteration velocity (00:04:50)

  • GitHub platform encompasses collaboration, productivity, security, and is powered by AI.
  • Emphasizes need to improve iteration velocity - reducing the time it takes to react to issues and implement changes.
  • Driving innovation and efficiency is about shortening the time from idea to production and boosting iteration velocity.

Mario demos the GitHub Platform and GitHub Projects demo (00:07:30), (00:08:07)

  • Rodriguez demonstrates how to quickly deploy a fix for a production issue using GitHub's platform and tools.
  • Showcases GitHub Projects, its redesign and enhancements, a Road Map feature for project timelines, and addresses a performance issue with a project using GitHub's streamlined interface.

GitHub Copilot chat demo (00:09:07)

  • Demonstrated a live GitHub Copilot interaction
  • Copilot provided coding assistance, jokes, stories, and company culture information
  • Copilot responded in different languages
  • Showcased documentation power on GitHub – Copilot can draw from documents to provide contextual help
  • Users can deploy infrastructure changes easily with Copilot assistance
  • Copilot can create Pull Requests (PRs) and provide deployment options

GitHub Codespaces demo (00:15:22)

  • Explained CodeSpaces as cloud development environments, ready within seconds
  • Copilot assists in understanding and making changes to the code
  • Can see live changes in the application after making code updates
  • Users can commit changes and Copilot helps create PRs

Governance with Rulesets and Actions demo (00:18:11)

  • Demonstrated the ability to define and enforce coding standards and rules at scale
  • Showed how organization-wide rule sets can be applied and inherited
  • Detailed actions integration with PRs and CI systems
  • Showcased advanced ruleset configurations, including repository targeting, branch protections, and metadata restrictions
  • Emphasized how deployments, PR stories, rulesets, and automated merging streamline processes
  • Introduced Maersk Queue Rescue for optimizing PR merges

Deployments with GitHub Actions demo (00:21:23)

  • Demonstrated a complex deployment process using GitHub Actions
  • Showed the deployment of an app to different environments, including test environments on various browsers (Chrome, Edge, Mozilla)
  • Utilized review labs for pre-production environment testing
  • Deployment to production is gated and includes additional checkpoints
  • Highlighted the workflow from pull request to review lab to production
  • Deployment gates ensure secure and thorough deployment processes
  • Emphasized the platform's capability to manage issues, utilize features like code spaces and Copilot, enforce rule sets with Lighthouse, and oversee deployments
  • The goal is to facilitate rapid yet secure transition from idea to production
  • Mentioned achieving iteration velocity, which shortens the time frame for production release
  • Recognizes the importance of addressing customer needs as a core value of GitHub
  • Introduced Naresh Choudhary to speak further on the subject

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