GitHub Universe 2023 opening keynote

GitHub Universe 2023 opening keynote

GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke intro on the promise of AI and software development (00:00:00)

  • CEO Thomas Dohmke discusses the transformative impact of AI on software development.
  • GitHub's journey with generative AI technology began in 2020, detailed in the internally called Coding Oracle Paper.
  • Early experiments with GPT-3 models showed a 93% success rate on programming exercises, signaling AI's potential in improving productivity.
  • GitHub built the first large-scale AI-driven tool, Copilot, which has increased developer productivity by 55%.
  • Over 37,000 organizations have adopted Copilot, integrating AI into the entire development lifecycle.
  • GitHub has been re-founded on the principles of AI, becoming a platform powered by Copilot at every step.

Overview of GitHub Copilot Chat with Allison Weins (00:06:40)

Build an app with GitHub Copilot Chat (00:07:15)

  • Allison demonstrates Copilot Chat's ability to assist developers in natural language within their preferred editor.
  • The demonstration of building an app called includes creating project scaffolding and adding features with Copilot Chat's help.
  • Copilot Chat assists with code generation, fixing bugs, and automating mundane setup tasks.
  • The app traces GitHub users' first commits, and Copilot Chat helps sort commits and refine the output.
  • Copilot Chat's in-editor commands and inline chat enable direct code modification without manual input.
  • The demo highlights Copilot's real-time assistance and problem-solving capabilities under pressure.

GitHub Copilot Chat in Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, JetBrains IDEs (00:14:34)

GitHub Copilot Chat in GitHub Mobile (00:14:55)

GitHub Copilot Chat gets even more powerful (00:15:38)

  • Copilot Chat has been enhanced with GPT-4 and additional editor context.
  • New features include inline chat for on-the-fly coding assistance and slash commands for easy action execution.
  • The updated Copilot will be included in existing subscriptions and will be generally available in the coming weeks.
  • The advancements aim to make natural language a new universal programming language accessible to all developers.

GitHub Copilot across the developer workflow with Kedasha Kerr (00:16:54)

  • GitHub Copilot now integrated into all developer workflow steps
  • Copilot is used for code scaling and reviewing pull requests (PRs)
  • Enables the addition of unit tests without touching local files using a cloud dev environment

GitHub Copilot Chat and unit tests (00:18:23)

  • Copilot Chat can automatically generate a test suite for code components
  • Test suites are saved and can be quickly committed

GitHub Copilot Chat in (explain code, generate pull request descriptions) (00:19:16)

  • GitHub Copilot Chat integrated into provides code explanations
  • Copilot can also generate detailed PR descriptions, including links

GitHub Copilot Chat in GitHub Advanced Security (code scanning autofix, secret scanning for generic secrets) (00:21:21)

  • Advanced Security Code scanning now suggests autofixes for vulnerabilities
  • Secret scanning tool detects non-patterned secrets like passwords
  • AI-powered regular expression assistant to create custom patterns for security
  • Copilot integration extends throughout

GitHub Copilot personalized to an organization's codebase with Colin Merkel (00:24:21)

  • Copilot provides understanding of complex organizational codebases
  • It can access internal documentation and answer questions based on the org's unique code and systems
  • Fine-tuning language models with an org's codebase can improve performance for developers

Fostering an ecosystem built on Copilot with GitHub Copilot Partner Program (00:29:00)

  • Copilot API allows integration with external tools and partner ecosystems
  • The GitHub Copilot Partner Program includes several key partners to extend Copilot's functionality

Accenture + GitHub Copilot (00:30:00)

  • Accenture partnered with GitHub to scale and apply learnings from using Copilot
  • Copilot is integrated into Accenture's framework, aiming for enhanced coding efficiency, quality, security, and developer experience
  • Accenture plans to extend Copilot to 50,000 developers

GitHub Copilot Enterprise (00:31:33)

  • Copilot Enterprise to be offered, including all features at the same price
  • Personalization and internal knowledge integration into Copilot at every stage of the development lifecycle
  • Enterprise offering combines code completion, collaboration, security, compliance, and quality
  • Preview of GitHub Copilot Enterprise starts today, with general availability in February 2024

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella + GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke (00:34:26)

  • Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella joined GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke to discuss the digital transformation of organizations.
  • Nadella expressed his enthusiasm for GitHub Copilot, stating it has brought the joy of coding back into his life.
  • Marking five years since Microsoft acquired GitHub, Nadella highlighted how Microsoft's developer-centric heritage aligns with GitHub's direction.
  • Mentioned that GitHub elevated Microsoft's involvement in the open source community and played a key role in its growth.
  • Discussed the impact of tools like GitHub Copilot on enterprise adoption, noting how quickly organizations like Accenture are deploying them.
  • Envisioned Copilot and AI transforming how companies operate across various industries, embracing a digital and software-centric approach.
  • Suggested that the use of natural language programming through tools like GitHub Copilot can democratize software development, making it more accessible.

Closing remarks (00:41:57)

  • The closing remarks celebrated the potential of AI-powered developer platforms like GitHub Copilot in transforming software development through natural language.
  • Acknowledged the contributions of the GitHub team and presenters Alison, Keisha, and Colin.
  • Hinted at a "one more thing" announcement, citing Steve Jobs and the concept of machines accelerating human progress, suggesting that GitHub Copilot represents a new phase in the symbiotic partnership between humans and intelligent machines.

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